What Type of White Label SEO Solution is Best Fit for My AgencyChoosing the right products for your agency can be difficult, especially if you’re a start-up agency. I already shared with you how to determine if you need white label SEO solutions. Today, I want to help you discover what type of white label SEO solutions suit your agency.

Search Engine Optimization

Why You Need It: Millions of people use the Internet to find products and services. People trust websites that appear first on the SERPs. What SEO does is it gives you higher rankings by building your online presence. This gives you access to a wider audience. With SEO, you can get organic visibility on the SERPs without spending as much as you would on traditional ad campaigns, PPC, and online banner ad placement.

Best Fit For: Agencies offering web design and development services are on top of the list. SEO suits almost all other online marketing solutions. You will need white label SEO in your suite if your goal is to be found on the SERPs, boost free and organic online visibility, and provide search engine algorithm-proof websites.

Social Media

Why You Need It: Consumers may have moved to the Internet to find resources, but they still hold the same values when choosing providers. They want a provider they can trust, one that’s been tried and tested already, and one proven to deliver. Social media allows you to make connections and expand your network, establish expertise and experience, and get quick recommendations. It also opens communications between you and your target market, improving customer service and strengthening the consumer-provider relationship. Finally, search engines are now integrating social media in their results as an added ranking factor.

Best Fit For: Agencies offering SEO. Social media is a great way of maintaining the online visibility you achieve through SEO. You consistently get new content and fresh traffic when you have a carefully-planned and well-executed social media strategy. The multimedia features of social media sites are also great for storytelling and branding, and for building trust. Most importantly, it gives your clients insight on what your target market really wants.

Local Marketing

Why You Need It: Getting your clients increased traffic isn’t enough to meet their business goals. You need to funnel relevant traffic towards their site – those users who are more likely to become customers. To do that, you need a targeted campaign. Local marketing helps you gain visibility where it matters most.

Best Fit For: Agencies offering organic SEO. You will get more citations once we list your clients in relevant local resources like Google+ Local. It will also help increase your conversion rates and optimize your SEO process, as you will only be targeting specific audiences. It’s also perfect for agencies targeting a specific niche, because local SEO allows you to target market segments individually.a

Competitive SEO

Why You Need It: Ranking for top industries is more difficult, because you will be competing with numerous companies that have more resources. Competitive SEO gives you an edge by using more aggressive methods designed to help you rank nationally for competitive keywords.

Best Fit For: Agencies serving large enterprise-level, corporate or ecommerce clients will benefit most, because this solution is designed specifically to their needs.

Pay Per Click Management

Why You Need It: PPC advertising is the fastest way to get visibility on the SERPs. It is the only online marketing strategy offering instant online presence, and its only limit is your client’s budget. Your client can start getting new leads at once while waiting for the long-term benefits of organic SEO.

Best Fit For: Agencies offering SEO, especially those offering competitive SEO solutions. Ranking for competitive keywords takes longer than local SEO campaigns. PPC gives these clients instant visibility. Agencies will want professional PPC management to ensure that they get the best keywords, use the most beneficial bidding strategy, and target the right audience. Know how to sell PPC confidently and efficiently, and you’ll have the perfect combination to win more business.

Use this as your initial guide when choosing white label SEO solutions to add to your product line. The most important tip is to analyze your own and your clients’ business goals, and choose a solution that will achieve optimal results.

Contact your account manager if you need help deciding which solution is right for you. Sign up for a free account today if you’re not yet a partner to get started!

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