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Launch campaigns, monitor SEO performance, and make informed marketing decisions. It all happens in one SEO tools software.

SEO Ranking Software & Technology Built for Your Growth

SEO campaign management and data analysis made easy. Our SEO reporting software and white label SEO dashboard put you in a position to make better, more informed decisions.


Transparent & Convenient

Your clients will always want more clarity with their campaign’s performance. Give that to them via their own dashboard for which you can control access.

Everything You Need to Make Your Next Move

Use our SEO campaign management software’s intuitive monitoring features to handle your clients’ SEO projects with all the best tools in one easy-to-use place.

Your SEO Software

It’s yours. White label from the logo to the domain and everything between. Claim your SEO management software and show off progress in one go.

SEO Ranking Report Software That Gives a Front Row Seat to Your Campaign Progress

Automate SEO reporting with a dashboard that has your domain on it. Leverage our white label SEO analysis tool and SEO software technology to establish transparency, show value through numbers, and focus on data-driven strategies.

Keyword Ranking Data

Traffic and Clickthrough

Traffic Summary

Backlinks Analysis

Google Analytics & Ads


See the Keyword Rank Tracking Data in Real-Time

Questions you don’t have to ask again with our SEO monitoring software:

  • Do my campaigns have keywords on the first page?
  • How are my keywords ranking?
  • Are people searching for the keywords we’re targeting?
  • Which keywords are we targeting?

Everything clients need to know about keyword rankings is readily available in the SEO rank tracking software  – right down to the details of each keyword. Make planning a breeze with an intuitive rank tracker!

Find Out Where All Those Leads are Coming From

Leads are coming, but do you know from where? We’ll help you out. Our white label SEO software provides you with complete lead tracking and reporting capabilities.

  • Track leads from different sources
  • Get SEO software platform that provides daily reports
  • Prove to clients your digital marketing solutions are working
  • Bring clients a step closer to their revenue source

All the leads coming from contact forms on different landing pages – you can track them all in one place via our CRM. Use our SEO marketing software as part of your digital lead generation toolkit.

Agency Tools - CRM
Proposal Builder

We’re making sales easier!

A great proposal is critical to the success of your pitch. We make it easier with customized and well-written proposals that are accessible on our SEO software for agencies. No need to build proposals from scratch – you can have them in under 3 minutes using the Proposal Builder on the SEO agency software.

Easily add products to pitch and customize with your colors, fonts, and images that fit your brand. It’s the ultimate sales and SEO software tool to start pitching your services minus the back-and-forth.

Perform and Download a Full Website Audit Report in Minutes

Our Website Audit Tool is easy to use and it’s right in the SEO dashboard software! Critical information at your fingertips with your agency’s brand at the top.

Each audit includes:

  • Page rank and page authority
  • Domain analysis and page speed
  • Backlink and index analysis
  • Social media performance
  • Search engine optimization check
  • Keyword density

Turn data into recommendations and show how businesses can improve their website’s performance. It’s a click away with our audit and SEO report software.

One Tab for All the Important Metrics

Integrate accounts into the SEO software platform so you and your clients are always one click away from their SEO analytics and PPC campaigns.

Our white label SEO report software wouldn’t be complete without firsthand information from Google Analytics and your Google Ads. It’s data at a glance using our SEO management software.

Managing Campaign Performance Has Never Been This Easy

See Exactly What’s Happening
You determine who has access to the SEO management platform and ensure your partners are up-to-date on their campaigns with a white label rank checker.

Flexible Task Management
Review, approve or revise tasks that your team is working on – exactly the reason we developed this SEO agency management software for you.

Clear Progress Visibility
Milestone status, client brief forms, and more to give a clear picture of each campaign. An SEO agency platform as a quick reference for progress reports.

Have a Question? Ask Through the Dashboard!

We’ve built this SEO software for agencies with your needs in mind.

Take the uncertainty out of communicating with your SEO software platform and send us a chat message through your monitoring dashboard. We have specialists ready to talk to you about our white label SEO services, offer you white label SEO analysis tools, and more!

Additionally, we offer an expansive library of white label resources that you can browse and send to your clients.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“The staff is amazing and the technology shows my clients exactly what they need to see. allows us to resell SEO and is the key to our growing organization.”

Rising Ideas

“I know that I can trust you…When I send through a client brief, it get’s done. You’re the best.”

Customer Room

“A big shoutout to the SEOReseller contributors working on our campaigns. Our rankings are on an upward trend. Thanks guys!”

Marketing Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my clients see more than one campaign on the dashboard?

Yes, if you choose to give them access to more than one campaign in the client dashboard. If you manage several campaigns for one client, one person can be given access to all of them. You have full control over the users on your SEO dashboard software. This includes which campaigns a client can access. Furthermore, you can also create “employee” users which might have access to all campaigns or just a select few.

Would I be able to add the keywords to the dashboard myself?

Yes! Our SEO software platform allows you to add targeted keywords for the campaigns so you can easily track their performance. This allows you to lock on important keywords from the locations you want to target and view ranking trends in one place.

Why is a web based dashboard better than a desktop version of a dashboard?

Access it anywhere without your reports taking up any space on your hard drive. Even on your mobile phone! The dashboard, like the rest of our products, is built fully responsive so you can access it easily. It offers you with the essentials that you’ll find from the best SEO reporting software. Whether on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, it doesn’t matter! You just need to be connected to the internet.

How do I integrate Google Analytics or Ads for my campaign?

On your SEO dashboard software, go to a campaign for which you want to set up Analytics or Ads. On the Overview tab of a campaign, head to Settings, then Integrations. If you have an existing account, select the account and then choose the appropriate profile. For new accounts, select Add New and a pop up should appear. Make sure you are logged in or you choose the account which contains the GA or Google Ads account. Once integrated, you may choose the account on the existing accounts tab and choose the corresponding profile.

Can I use the dashboard as a selling tool?

Yes, you can! Our SEO software can be a very effective tool during the selling process. Create your client as a user and they can see firsthand all that the dashboard has to offer, before making the sell. Show them how they can track their search engine optimization performance (in terms of keyword rankings and traffic data), monthly fulfillment progress and PPC campaigns all from an easy-to-use dashboard with your brand on it.

The dashboard only shows a 6-month trend. Can I view the trend across an entire campaign?

Our team scrape hundreds of thousands of keywords on a daily basis. We limit the trend to 6 months in order to save bandwidth and avoid clutter on your dashboard. Should you need the historical ranking trend for any of your campaigns, simply reach out to your project manager. Your project manager will process the request and set an expectation for when our developers can produce the data.

I’ve set up my cName just like in the video, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

After confirming that all of the steps in the video have been accomplished, you may need to wait as much as 48 hours for your changes to propagate. At the very least, it may take as little as a couple of hours but if the dashboard is still not accessible after 24 hours, please get in touch with your project manager and we’ll see if there is something that is missing.

Can I provide access to other users in my organization?

Yes. Depending on the needs of your agency and business, we’ve set up different Agency Pro plans to provide you with both employee and client access to your white label dashboard and SEO analytics software.

Can I use your software to track campaigns for different industries?

Yes! It’s built to help you maximize your campaign management and reporting capabilities. If you’re looking for the best SEO software for small businesses or enterprises, you can use ours to start managing your campaigns. Plus, you get access to more tools, such as the Lead Finder, Marketing Automation, and CRM.

I don’t have a campaign yet. Can I still use your SEO software?

Definitely! We’ve built this SEO software for agencies and businesses looking to manage and scale their campaigns. So whether you’re just starting out or already have multiple campaigns, it doesn’t matter! Our SEO ranking software offers you the technology to grow.

I want to manage my clients’ SEO from one tab!

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