Getting our partners new leads is one of our specialties, and today I’m very excited to share our latest solution for you. We’ve just launched our new PPC Management product line. Now you can add PPC to your service line-up, give your clients visibility on the SERPs and get them new leads instantly.

Product Inclusions

We’ve been doing PPC management as part of SEO, and we decided it was time to create a separate line for our partners who exclusively want PPC. Our new product line covers everything you need to run a successful pay per click ad campaign, whether you’re a small or enterprise-level business. The following features are included in this new product line:

Research and Analysis – The first month will be about setting up your account. Our team will do research and analysis to establish realistic conversion goals and choose appropriate keywords for each campaign.

Funnels Optimization – We use the funnel method to lead search engine users to your desired goal. We start with keyword contextual targeting, move on to placement targeting and interest category marketing, and finally, we implement remarketing.

Campaign Management – Our management process begins when we do our research and analysis. We use this information to design a campaign suited for your business needs. Our team handles everything from creating the budget, to producing and testing copies, to implementing the campaign and tracking your conversions.

Ad Group Segmentation – We create audience segments based on your target market’s shared interests, allowing you to serve the most relevant ads to users who need it and are more likely to click. Make and track targeted campaigns easily with this solution.

Remarketing – With our remarketing solutions, we will give your websites consistent visibility among previous visitors. Remarketing will help condition the mind of your target market to go back and choose your client by being constantly present in websites affiliated with the Google Display Network.

Landing Page Optimization – Our team helps you improve your landing pages to ensure maximum conversions.

Reporting – At the end of each month, we provide a comprehensive campaign impact analytics report to show your clients the campaign progress. We will also provide a proposed plan of action for the following month. Depending on the service level you choose, we will provide monthly, bimonthly and weekly updates on your campaigns.

Make sure to visit our PPC Management page to view the full list of inclusions. Contact your account manager today if you have any questions or if you want to get started. This new product line is for members only – don’t forget to sign up for free to become our partner today!

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