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Increased visibility helps your business succeed online and offline. The more consumers recognize your brand, the more they will engage with you. Search engine optimization does that very job, but the strategy and tactics involved have to match your unique needs and goals. SEO packages from SEOReseller provide solutions for every type of business.

Our fully managed SEO services and quality SEO packages attract traffic and improve conversions, allowing you to dominate the competition.

Full SEO Packages with SEOReseller

Our SEO package plans are designed to equip you with end-to-end workflows that follow results-driven methodologies. With our experienced search marketing experts taking care of your optimization needs, you can focus on your business and know that you’re efficiently ranking for all the right keywords.

Our competitive SEO packages and prices are designed to suit your unique business needs.


What You’ll Get

30 mins Intake call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
Monthly Reporting

$600 /month


What You’ll Get

30 mins Intake call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building
Monthly Reporting

$1080 /month


What You’ll Get

30 mins Intake call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building
Google Search Console Setup
Site Speed Optimization for WordPress
301 & 404 Optimization and Fix
6 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building

$1600 /month

SEOReseller’s quality SEO packages cover technical optimization, on-page optimization, and advanced technical optimization. Our dedicated teams will identify ranking opportunities, help you rank higher for more keywords, enable you to grow your customer base, and implement changes that improve your website’s performance, among other specialized tasks.

With our quality SEO plans, we’ll save you time and effort in doubling your capacity to scale and operate your business.


What are SEO Packages?

SEO packages are a combination of separate SEO items offered together as a unit. These packages are subscription-based services designed to serve different business sizes or business models.

Full SEO packages give you the ability to get all the SEO services you need — for less, while ensuring that your website is properly optimized for search and conversion.

As more people rely on the internet to get what they need, your business has to show up and dominate search results to attract them.

Search engine optimization does the job of getting more visitors to your website by optimizing your pages, making it easy for search engines like Google to crawl and index your site.

An SEO agency will ensure that your website gets the right SEO work it needs so that your business can meet its targets and goals.

What are the Types of SEO Packages?

SEO packages are cost-efficient solutions to common marketing problems, from poor website traffic to Google penalties. Because different businesses have different needs, SEO packages and their prices are made to match your particular concerns.

Pick the right SEO package, and you’ll have the expertise, support, and tactics that’ll bolster business growth online and, eventually, offline.

What types of SEO packages should you expect?

Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages are for businesses that target a local market or need to increase foot traffic in-store. This mostly includes businesses with physical locations, such as the automotive industry, medical services, legal firms, and the hospitality industry.

The goal is to boost your local presence so that your website is visible to residents (or tourists visiting the area) where your business is located.

Some of the SEO services included in this set up are on-page optimization, guest blog outreach, keyword optimization, technical optimization, and creation or optimization of listings, like Google My Business (GMB), Yelp listings, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, and others.

Basic SEO Packages

Basic SEO packages contain services to get started in optimizing your website for enhanced search result performance.

The impact of first-place search rankings on a business cannot be ignored. It delivers more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more sales. Topping search results also boosts brand awareness and reputation.

Standard SEO packages are perfect for businesses that want to incorporate basic SEO services into their strategy.

A basic SEO package usually includes:

Keyword research
Keyword optimization
Google Analytics setup
Website audit and analysis
On-page SEO optimization
Monthly reporting
local seo experts
SEO Dashboard

Enterprise SEO Packages

Enterprise SEO packages are for large companies and digital marketing agencies. This is designed for bigger companies that have more websites and more pages to work on. On the most basic level, enterprises have the resources to take on more work but don’t have the manpower and capacity to handle their SEO needs.

Enterprise SEO is designed to handle huge campaigns that have enormous ROI potential.

Small Business SEO Packages

SEO packages designed for small businesses are targeted toward startups or small companies that aim to build a positive online reputation to get more leads, clients, and sales.

Some small business owners may think that SEO is an unnecessary expense. Although it’s a cost, an investment in the right SEO package can boost customer engagement, attract clients, and turn prospective buyers into customers.

Small business SEO packages help you reach your target customers, build brand exposure and awareness, and dominate the local competition with greater success.

Businesses now operate in a market where a brand that gets found first, wins the customer. The right SEO package will help you be that business every time.

SEO Audit
local seo solution

E-commerce SEO Packages

E-commerce stores rely heavily on their online presence to boost their sales and grow their store. Online visibility is one of the main factors that will determine the success of an e-commerce store, making e-commerce SEO packages a crucial necessity for any internet marketing campaign.

Research shows that 81 percent of consumers use the internet to look for a product or service. Similarly, it showed that 74% of users aged 16 to 64 have made an online purchase. People rely on search engines, mostly Google, which sees over 5 billion searches a day, to provide information on products or services.

SEO packages for e-commerce businesses focus heavily on rank-building activities that will deliver the greatest impact to your online store.

Link building packages are designed to enhance a website’s authority. The package includes specialized tasks, such as backlink analysis, link cleanup, blog creation, and other link-building initiatives.

You’ll have access to a team that’s skilled in using various white hat strategies or the best practices in SEO, to obtain quality links paired with quality content.

SEO package prices will vary depending on the services, target DA score, and the number of links you need.

Link Building contact information
Seo audit

SEO Audit Packages

SEO audits are crucial in finding out how well your website is performing on search engines. A comprehensive website analysis shows you the following data:

Overall website score
Website issues and critical elements that need to be fixed
Shows opportunities for improvement
Recommendations for enhanced site performance

SEO audit packages will vary depending on how big your website is as well as what your goals are.

However, all audit packages will contain the following features:

Website score
On-page and off-page analysis
Site speed
Backlink analysis
Competitive analysis
Assessment and recommendations
Social media audit
Content audit
Review of business branding with recommendations from SEO specialists
local seo experts

Why is Choosing the Right SEO Package Valuable for Your Business?

Some SEO packages are designed for websites with thousands of pages and greater needs, whereas others are designed for websites that are smaller or newer. Few packages are engineered for websites targeting specific locations and some are designed for websites that need to be rehabilitated.

Though all websites aim to increase online search visibility, not all websites are built the same way or are used the same way.

Different agencies tend to offer different SEO packages plans, but getting the right package will unleash your website’s full potential and increase your chances of success.

It’s also important to buy SEO packages from the right SEO company because this will ensure that you custom SEO services that are implemented according to the best practices in SEO.

The Features and Services to Expect from an SEO Package

Determining which package is best for your business will depend on your website needs and goals. But certain features must come with most organic SEO packages.

Below are the SEO services you should expect to see in an SEO package:

Website audit

Website SEO packages should provide in-depth SEO audit. It’s needed to detect and analyze all issues that prevent a website from performing at its best. An SEO audit needs to be done first because it will allow specialists to diagnose your website and present you with an extensive report featuring recommendations that will inform your strategy.

Keyword Research

Adding keywords or important search terms to URLs, headings, meta descriptions, and different site content is very important because keywords are the identifiers that search engines need to crawl and index your pages.

A proper keyword research process enables you to target the right search terms for your website so that your pages appear higher on search results.

On-page SEO

On-page optimization is the process of fixing the most important elements of the website. These include optimizing specific pages for target keywords to improve visibility and traffic.

Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization is anything happening externally that impacts your website’s rankings. This is important because it helps boost your website’s visibility in other places, boosting your credibility and ultimately contributing to an increase in search rankings. Link building and building local citations are some tactics that fall under off-page SEO.

Content creation

Content creation is the method of generating topic ideas and content that appeal to your target audience. This will involve in-depth research and formulating a strategy that’s aimed at turning ideas into high-value text or visual content that can engage a target audience.

Analytics reporting

Any SEO package should contain a monthly executive report. This is important because it lets you know where your campaign is at, giving an in-depth understanding of how your campaign is progressing.

Custom SEO Packages by SEOReseller

We understand that some businesses need more than the usual keywords to map and target, on-page optimization work that’s more complex, or reporting that’s more frequent. Business needs in this volatile climate also demand that your marketing approaches are responsive to what customers demand.

If you find that some of our search engine optimization packages do not cover your current needs, talk to us today about a custom plan.

Our team can work with you to personalize a strategy for your SEO package.

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