White Label SEO: Building Brand OpportunitiesAs online marketing evolves, strategies change too. As a company that offers white label SEO solutions, we need to know which strategies and metrics are needed to meet your needs.

Today, aside from outsourcing SEO efforts, you need to measure another variable – reach and frequency. Yes, this has been used before and many people have said that it is an outdated measurement of marketing success. Until recently, Google has again been showing results of reach and frequency. And as experts would say it, if Google is reporting on it, then it means something on their algorithm.

Here’s a formula that traditional advertisers would use for building a brand:

Gross Rating Points (GRPs)= Reach (number of receivers) x Frequency (number of times people were exposed to your message)

GRPs are known to be the effectiveness or value of your marketing campaign. A lot of people have said that this measurement has long been gone, but maybe we’ve gone to a point where we should consider reach and frequency as an additional metric to show the value of our SEO efforts.

There are many tools out there that we can use to help in measuring SEO success. If you think that you need help in maintaining your client’s brand, don’t hesitate to let us know. We know that SEO takes much effort and that there’s another metric being used again. We have several solutions that you can add to your portfolio such as white label SEO, social media marketing, web design and paid advertising.

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