Full SEO Packages with SEOReseller

Stick with what you’re good at. . . . and that’s running the day to day operations or implementing new processes to expand your business! While you do this, our team of SEO experts can advance your optimization needs with proven results-driven methodologies.

Offering three different, affordable SEO packages, we know we can find the right SEO package to best suit all of your needs. 

What You’ll Get

30 Minute Intake Call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
Monthly Reporting


What You’ll Get

30 Minute Intake Call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building
Monthly Reporting

What You’ll Get

30 Minute Intake Call
Pre Intake Site Audit
Keyword Research
On Page Optimization (27 hours)
Content Writing
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Schema Markup Organization
4 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building
Google Search Console Setup
Site Speed Optimization for WordPress
301 & 404 Optimization and Fix
6 Monthly Guaranteed DA Links
Monthly Keystone Content Building

SEOReseller’s quality SEO packages cover technical, on-page, and advanced technical optimization. Our dedicated staff will grow your website’s performance by first identifying ranking opportunities. Once detected, changes are implemented to increase keyword ranking for your website. Between keyword research, analysis and optimization, traffic flow to your website increases, and in turn, your customers will grow from the organic SEO package.

With our SEO plans, the growth you are looking for is closer than you think.  Scaling and doubling a business is within reach using our talented and experienced team.

Check Out Some Of Our SEO Results!

386.4+ Million
visits driven to clients’ websites annually
pieces of content published annually
sites audited each year
campaigns ranked
webpages optimized each year

6 Reasons Why Businesses Work With SEOReseller’s SEO Service Packages

Better Results

You’ll see how every dollar you invest in full SEO packages results in real financial returns.

Increase Conversions

You can rely on our proven monthly seo packages to drive more conversions for your business.

Securing Great ROI

We drive more conversions with the purpose of increasing your business’ bottom line.

Performance Specialists

You’ll have access to a team of experts who are ready and willing to provide the guidance you need.

Meaningful Reports

We help you make data-driven decisions to grow your business. Get clear on what’s working, so that all of the hard work can pay off.

Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll love our SEO Service Packages, we’ll happily refund 100% of the cost if you’re not happy within 30 days!

How Our SEO Packages Grow Your Leads and Sales


Developing SEO Strategy and Plan

We work together to understand your business goals and identify the best path for success. We’ll discuss how a strong online presence can lead you toward greater things to come, as well as what needs improvement.

Business Assessment

Target Customer

Competitor Analysis

SEO Packages for Optimizing Websites

Having analyzed your site, our team will use the right keywords to get you higher search rankings. We can also determine areas that could use improvement so we know how much time and effort is needed for a successful optimization campaign with targeted keywords. Not only are our websites optimized for search engines, but our full SEO packages are also designed to give you the best user experience.
scanning website

Scanning Website

Target Keywords

Search Results

SEO Packages for Local Content and Link Building

To ensure that your site ranks well on Google, our creative team produces high-quality and consistent content . With all the research we do, you can be sure that your content will capture target audiences’ attention. Additionally, our monthly SEO packages use advanced techniques to build a linked system of pages that takes people from your web page and returns them safely. This is done by creating links on other sites so you can easily route all visitors back to your home page.

High Quality Content

Consistent Content

Consistent Content

Link Building

Link Building


What are SEO Packages?

The growth of the internet and ease of access has been one of the biggest factors helping companies expand. If this isn’t utilized, your competition will continue to outrank you in searches, furthering the gap between your business plateauing and growing.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It includes the various steps taken to improve a website’s ability for higher ranking on search engines like Google.  This is vital for company growth because when a search is done online for a specific product or service, the top results have the greatest chance of customer to company communication. Hence, all companies covet top results when it comes to their niche.

Here, we offer various quality SEO packages, which are a combination of separate SEO items offered as a bundle.  These are subscription-based services with the purpose of delivering unique business models and sizes.

We will ensure your website gets the right SEO it needs! Our full packages give you the ability to get all the necessary SEO services  — for less, while ensuring that your website is properly optimized for search and conversion. With websites optimized and rankings increased, a business can expect to meet goals and surpass competition!

Types of SEO Packages

Our SEO engine optimization packages are designed to provide a solution for whatever common marketing problems your business may have.  These range from slow marketing traffic, attracting the wrong customers, or perhaps, your competition is more visible to your target audience than you are.

We understand each business has different needs and have made it easy to match a SEO package price to reach your target goals.

Find out which package is for you!

Local SEO Packages

Our Local SEO Package exists for businesses that either targets a local market or needs to increase foot traffic in-store.  Examples of these include the automotive industry, medical services, legal firms, and the hospitality industry.

Essentially, this package aims to help increase your local presence with your targeted audience and nearby residences to your location.

Some of the SEO services included in this set up are on-page optimization, guest blog outreach, keyword and technical optimization.  Additionally, creation or optimization of listings like Google Business Profile, Yelp listings, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, and others.

Basic SEO Packages

Visually, all companies want to rank high on any search results connected to their niche.  Ranking low can deeply impact the likelihood of a customer finding the website. Our Basic SEO package swiftly moves to optimize your company page, resulting in increased search outcome.

Standard SEO packages are perfect for businesses that want to incorporate basic SEO services into their strategy.

A basic SEO package usually includes:

Keyword research
Keyword optimization
Google Analytics setup
Website audit and analysis
On-page SEO optimization
Monthly reporting
local seo experts
SEO Dashboard

Enterprise SEO Packages

Enterprise SEO Packages have the capacity to help large companies and digital marketing agencies. These larger companies have multiple websites and pages to run.  While a business has the resources to handle more work, they do not have the ability to handle running the SEO needs for continued business expansion.

With room to grow, these SEO Packages enable the company and its employees to keep focusing on what they do best while our team optimize the sites and handle large size campaigns with enormous ROI potential. 

Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

We don’t forget the new guys! Every company starts somewhere and we include Packages for SEO startups or small businesses.  The aim is to obtain a positive online reputation to get more leads, clients and sales because in today’s market, a brand that gets found first, wins the customer.

It’s not unusual to hear many small business owners think that SEO is an unnecessary expense, especially in the beginning. However, the advantages can quickly outweigh the cost if 1. the correct SEO package is chosen to boost customer engagement, 2. there is an increase in clients, and 3. prospects turn to buying customers. Starting with our affordable SEO small business packages, it won’t be too long until there is a need for the Enterprise SEO Package!

SEO Audit
local seo solution

E-commerce SEO Packages

E-Commerce stores thrive heavily on having an online presence.  For the success of their business model, their target audience needs to see and compel them to head over to their website. For these companies, our ecommerce SEO packages are helpful with internet marketing campaigns. 

Research shows that 81% of consumers use the internet to look for a product or service. Similarly, it showed that 74% of users aged 16 to 64 have made an online purchase. People rely on search engines, mostly Google, which sees over 5 billion searches a day, to provide information on products or services.

Our SEO engine optimization packages for e-commerce businesses focus heavily on rank-building activities that will deliver the greatest impact to your online store

Link building packages are designed to enhance a website’s authority. The package includes specialized tasks, such as backlink analysis, link cleanup, blog creation, and other link-building initiatives such as content marketing, email outreach, and public relations.

Through this time, you will have access to a team that’s skilled in using various white hat strategies for the best practices in SEO, to obtain quality links paired with quality content.

SEO package prices will vary depending on the services, target DA score, and the number of links you need.

Link Building contact information
Seo audit

SEO Audit Packages

Want to know how well your website is performing on search engines? Our SEO audit is  crucial to finding out how comprehensive they are and what areas can be improved.

Overall website score
Website issues and critical elements that need to be fixed
Shows opportunities for improvement
Recommendations for enhanced site performance

SEO audit packages will vary depending on how big your website is as well as what your goals are.  However, all audit packages will contain the following features:

However, all audit packages will contain the following features:

Website score
On-page and off-page analysis
Site speed
Backlink analysis
Competitive analysis
Assessment and recommendations
Social media audit
Content audit
Review of business branding with recommendations from SEO specialists
local seo experts

Why is Choosing the Right SEO Package Valuable for Your Business?

A lot of large companies come from a humble beginning with few employees and the simplest marketing strategies.  Those that survive have experienced evolutions in business as the need for SEO gains momentum. Some of the largest websites require thousands of pages monitored, while small businesses can be less demanding.

A large factor in choosing the right SEO engine optimization package is also because of how each website is created differently. While many appear to be very similar in format,  websites range dramatically in how they were designed from the front and back end.  Hence, before choosing the right SEO package for you, understand that not all websites are created the equal.

Just as important to finding the right SEO Package for your business, is finding the right SEO company to ensure your needs and best practices are used for your success. Your choice in quality SEO packages is an investment to the growth of your company and choosing the right team to direct optimization must have a strategy from start to finish.

The Features and Services to Expect from an SEO Package

Determining which package is best for your business will depend on your website needs and goals. But certain features must come with most organic SEO packages.

Below are the SEO services you should expect to see in an SEO package:

Website audit

Website SEO packages should provide in-depth SEO audit. This standard and necessary method will reveal factors affecting overall traffic to your website and present you with an extensive report. An SEO audit needs to be done first because it will allow specialists to complete a full analysis of a website and then determine what the following steps are to enhance your website.

Keyword Research

Adding keywords or important search terms to URLs, headings, meta descriptions, and different site content is very important. These keywords are the identifiers that search engines need to crawl and index your pages. A proper keyword research process enables you to target the right search terms for your website. When the website SEO packages implement this, your pages will appear higher on search results.

On-page SEO

On-page optimization is the process of fixing the most important elements of the website. These include optimizing specific pages for target keywords to improve visibility and traffic.

Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization is anything outside of your website impacting its rankings on search results. Your website will need additional ways to direct traffic to its path. This is important because it helps boost your website’s visibility in other places, boosting your credibility and ultimately contributing to an increase in search rankings. Link building and building local citations are some tactics that fall under off-page SEO.

Content creation

Content creation is devising an in-depth plan of high value text or visual photos and videos to appeal and engage your targeted audience. This is brought to life through extensive research and strategy, branding, developing, scheduling and posting.

Analytics reporting

Any SEO package should contain a monthly executive report. This is important because it lets you know where your campaign is at, giving an in-depth understanding of how your campaign is progressing.

Custom SEO Packages by SEOReseller

If you feel your business is more complex than what we have to offer, that’s ok! We understand that as a company grows, so will its goals and targets. Business needs in this ever changing climate also demand that your marketing approaches are responsive to what customers demand..

If you find that some of our search engine optimization packages do not cover your current needs, talk to us today about a custom plan.

Our team can work with you to personalize a strategy for your SEO package. We offer various affordable SEO packages suited to fit any business in the USA or globally.

With SEOReseller, you’re getting expertise and SEO methodology that comes from over a decade of experience. We have been serving quality SEO packages to multiple businesses and hundreds of digital agencies in countries across the globe, helping them multiply their ROI and reach their goals.

We’ll let them do the talking.

“These campaigns are awesome! It’s way exciting seeing the progress of all of these campaigns.”


“I’m pleased to see the significant gains in rankings. Thank you for your efforts in making this happen.”


“It has been a great pleasure working with your team. You are quick to respond to my questions and provide great information when I need it. Thank you!”


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