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6 Ways to Generate Leads With Your Website

By Bernard San Juan on

Generating leads through your website combines many different aspects of digital marketing: web design, search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and more. But you don’t have to be an expert in any of these fields to generate leads with your website. Read on to learn how to give your website an immediate upgrade […]

Platform Update: Account Settings Upgrade

By Joshua Pielago on

We have released an overall upgrade to the Account Settings, making it easier for you to manage employees and clients, configure your white label dashboard, and customize your experience with the SEOReseller platform.
New User Management System
It’s now easier to quickly and easily manage multiple users under the SEOReseller platform. We created a streamlined view that […]

Build Your Agency Brand

How to Build Your Agency’s Brand

By Itamar Gero on

Here’s what you need to understand about branding—it’s more than just having a unique name and a logo.

If you’re serious about starting an agency, the first thing that you need to pay attention to is your brand identity. After deciding on a name, designing a logo, and creating a persona for your agency, what’s next?

Building […]

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The Essential Checklist for Starting an SEO Agency

By Itamar Gero on

Many would-be SEO agency owners give up on their dream before ever giving it a chance. Don’t let that be you. The first step to starting an SEO agency is this checklist.

But first, answer these two very important questions:

Are you willing to give 100%?
Are you willing to sell?

If you can truthfully answer ‘yes’ […]

Win More Clients with This SEO Proposal

The SEO Proposal That Wins You More Clients

By Itamar Gero on

The value of SEO is something that many businesses of today still fail to understand. Because what does ranking and traffic have to do with selling cupcakes or cars? You know the importance of these metrics, but your clients may not have the slightest idea of how these can benefit their business.

That’s why we have […]

SEO Dashboard Features to Leverage Your Expertise

How Our SEO Dashboard Makes You a Better Agency

By Itamar Gero on

Clients turn to digital marketing agencies that deliver results affecting their bottom line. They trust an agency that can provide solutions to their problems and drive traffic to their business. Sometimes, instead of providing solutions, we bombard them with data from different SEO tools and complicate the entire process.

Showing your worth as an SEO agency […]

Track Reviews with Reputation Management

White Label Reputation Management Sales Video

By Joshua Pielago on

When working with a reseller, the role of your digital marketing agency is to sell our service to your clients. We handle the white label software and the strategy so that you can sell more.

For some services this is easier than others because the need is obvious – for instance, your clients know they need […]

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The Fundamentals of Prospecting

By Bernard San Juan on

In this post, we tackle the fundamentals of prospecting – everything from defining your target market to nurturing them once they become qualified leads.

Our fundamentals of prospecting for SEO clients are:
1. Doing Market Research
2. Targeting the Right Vertical
3. Building Your Network
4. Contacting Your Prospects
5. Adapt and Improve
6. Nurturing Your Leads

But first, what is prospecting?

Sales Prospecting […]

Qualify Leads with SEO Client Questionnaire

Qualify More SEO Leads with Our White Label Client Questionnaire

By Bernard San Juan on

We’ve said it before, we’re going to say it again: qualifying is a crucial process when you’re finding SEO clients. You may be getting thousands and thousands of leads, but remember that not all of them deserve your time [...]

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How to Sell SEO to Local Businesses | Step 0 – Preparation

By Bernard San Juan on

This post is the first in a series about how to sell SEO to local businesses. In this post, we focus on Step 0 – Preparation. For an overview of our system, check out the How to Sell Local SEO Like a Pro Webinar.

What is the key to selling SEO to local businesses?

Like anything else, […]