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Training Materials

The 6 Core Metrics You Need to Know

This training guide explains SEOReseller's six core metrics used in our methodology.

File Includes:

  • Authority
  • On-Page
  • Off-page
  • Behavior
  • Quality
  • Trust

Organic SEO Methodology Explainer

This brochure outlines our Five-Phase SEO Methodology.

File Includes:

  • Site Assessment
  • Campaign Roadmap
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Reporting and Analytics

Content Marketing Guide

This guide explains how our content blends marketing with creativity to boost your client’s website traffic.

File Includes:

  • Ranking with Content Marketing
  • Our Writing and Marketing Blend
  • Our 6 Types of Content
  • Context Marketing
  • Our Publishing Process

The Definitive Guide to PPC

This guide explains how we maximize your client’s PPC campaigns to bring in new leads.

File Includes:

  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Funnels Optimization
  • Ad Group Segmentation
  • Remarketing

SEO Link Building White Paper

This guide enumerates our link-building strategies to boost visibility and traffic of your client’s website.

File Includes:

  • Impact of Links
  • Evaluating Link Profile
  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Diversity & Context
  • Publishing Network

SEO On-Page White Paper

This guide details our on-page optimization strategies to amplify your client’s online marketing.

File Includes:

  • Source Codes
  • Mark-Ups and Tags
  • Metadata
  • Landing Pages & Buyer Psychology

Local Web Design White Paper

This brandable white paper educates and guides your client through your Local Web Design process.

File Includes:

  • User Behavior
  • Effective Web Design
  • WordPress Features
  • Our Design Process

Local SEO White Paper

This guide explains our Local SEO approach that drives traffic to your client’s website and store.

File Includes:

  • Business Listings & Social Pages
  • Targeting Local Markets
  • Building Quality Citations
  • Managing Customer Reviews

SEO Keyword Selection Guide

This guide details our keyword selection process, and how it informs our content marketing strategies.

File Includes:

  • Keyword Selection Importance
  • Different Types of Keywords
  • Keywords to Avoid
  • Keyword Research Process

Sales Materials

Pay Per Click Pitch Deck

This is a presentation for Pay Per Click Ads that you can use to present to your clients and sell the product.

File Includes:

  • What Is Pay Per Click?
  • Pay Per Click or SEO?
  • Desktop Extensions
  • Mobile Extensions
  • Product Features

Organic SEO Flier

Increase your client's website traffic with Organic SEO. Use this flyer to promote our Organic SEO package.

File Includes:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Long Term Results
  • Authority

Local Web Design Flier

Help your client tap into a new market. Use this flyer to promote our Local Web Design package.

File Includes:

  • Designed For Your Business
  • Gain Customers
  • Launch in 2 Weeks

Digital Marketing Stat Sheet 2016

Make an effective sales pitch with the right industry stats. Download our Digital Marketing Stat Sheet as a reference when pitching.

File Includes:

  • Web Design & Development Stats
  • Search Stats
  • Social Stats
  • Paid Search Stats
  • Mobile Stats

Facebook Paid Ads Pitch Deck

This is a presentation for Facebook Ads that you can use to present to your clients and sell the product.

File Includes:

  • Datapoints
  • How Facebook Ads Work
  • Facebook Paid Ads vs Adwords PPC

Local Web Design Pitch Deck

This is a deck for Local Web Design that you can use to make presentations for your prospect clients.

File Includes:

  • Why you need a website
  • Path to Purchase
  • WordPress Platform
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Product Features

Proposals and Contracts

On-Page SEO Checklist and Analysis Report

Use this brandable report to present the results of your digital marketing efforts to clients.

File Includes:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Blog
  • Content
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • Recommendations

Sample Service Agreement for Digital Services

This is an editable sample digital marketing contract that you can use for your new clients.

File Includes:

  • Service Agreement
  • Terms
  • Conditions

Web Design FAQs

This is an editable web design FAQ document that you can use for your new clients.

File Includes:

  • Development
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Revisions

Web Design Client Questionnaire

This is an editable web design client questionnaire that you can use for your new clients.

File Includes:

  • Client Details
  • Goal
  • Target Clients

Partner Tools

SEO Pitch Kit

This is a SEO Pitch Kit you can use to educate yourself, prepare & present to your clients.


  • Organic SEO Flier
  • Organic SEO Methodology Explainer
  • SEO Pitch Deck
  • SEO Sales Guide
  • Site Audit Guide

Web Design Kit

Use the Local Web Design Pitch Kit to strengthen your product knowledge, prepare for sales appointment, and present to potential clients.


  • Pitch Deck
  • White Paper
  • Sales Guide

Starter Pitch Kit

This is a starter kit you can use to educate yourself, prepare & present to your clients.


  • Base Pitch Deck
  • Partner Checklist
  • SEO Product Catalog
  • SEO Sales Guide
  • Site Audit Guide

Progress Tracker

Track the growth of your Agency with the Partner Progress Tracker and easily see your progress from month to month.


  • Progress Tracker Dashboard
  • Baseline & Goal
  • Monthly Progress