Make Conversions Happen with White Label PPC Management Services

Dive instant traffic for your clients with professionally managed PPC reseller campaigns.

A Winning PPC Strategy Starts Here

Our PPC reseller programs provide you with the formula to keep your clients in front and center of their audience.

Solutions Tailored for Businesses

Boosting conversions? Looking for quality leads? No matter what goal your client has, we’ll provide the right PPC plan for them.

Expertly Managed PPC Campaigns

Did we mention we’re a certified Google Partner? By working with us, your PPC campaigns will be in the capable hands of certified Google Ads specialists. White Label Reports

For us, transparency is everything. We show every progress of campaigns and the most important metrics into a neat white label PPC dashboard and monthly reports.

Targeting the Right Customers with the Right Ads

Every ad matters. We make sure the ones running for your clients deliver maximum returns for their business. Our PPC specialists develop ads that target the right customers at the right time.

Put Clients on Top of Results with Search Ads

Best for targeting customers with high intent to purchase, search ads provide your clients with instant visibility on the first page of results. Our specialists create compelling ad copies that match the intent of your client’s audience.

Boost Awareness Using Display Ads

Start building awareness for your client’s brand with ads on the Google Display Network. We create display ads that appear on YouTube, news pages, and websites across the world.

Get More Customers with Remarketing Ads

Why stop at one ad? Leverage the power of remarketing. We develop banner ads that consistently appear in front of your client’s audience until they convert.

PPC Remarketing Chart

Here’s How It’s Done: Launching Your PPC Campaign

You don’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll handle the rest to jumpstart your PPC campaigns for clients.

Step 1

Keyword Research & Analysis

We identify opportunities and make the most of your client’s ad budget by determining the best keywords and ad groups to target.

Step 2

Build The PPC Campaign

Our PPC specialists will set up the campaign and recommend the best approach based on data gathered during our keyword research and competition analysis.

Step 3

Launch The Ads

We’ll provide you with the ad copies and creatives, then implement these on the right platform on your behalf. 

Step 4

Traffic & Click Through

It’s not an effective strategy without proof of results. We report to you the progress of your PPC campaigns, so you can deliver the good news to your clients.

From Us to You – White Label PPC Dashboard and Proposals!

Here’s a little bonus when you start a PPC campaign with us.

We provide you access to your own white label PPC dashboard that allows you to manage campaigns, view real-time ad performance, and maximize your Pay-Per-Click capabilities. Get data available at all times and use the PPC dashboard to show off the value of your service firsthand.

There’s more – close more clients with our high-quality, customizable PPC proposal. Generate it directly from your dashboard using the Proposal Builder, and start sending to your prospects!

Certified Google Ads Partner

Our PPC specialists are certified partners of Google and Facebook, with years of experience in search engine marketing. We make it easy for you to focus on providing a great client experience and drive growth to your agency, while our experts handle the SEM.

Our experts will show you how to run a PPC white label strategy for your clients:

  • Search Ads – By targeting a keyword, your clients’ ad can show at the top of a search engine results page.
  • Mobile Ads – Your clients’ ad right in the palm of their potential customers’ hands. That’s right where you want them to be.
  • Display Ads – Google Display Ads can be on any of Google’s network sites: YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and more.

Results-Driven White Label SEM Packages for Businesses

Combining our experience, technology, and methodology, we’ve developed PPC reseller programs that allow you to maximize value for your clients. Choose from any of our Paid Media packages, and we’ll deliver the results for you.

Paid Media Starter – Google Search Ads

Your entry level PPC workflow. Ideal for businesses that want to appear on search results and get instant traffic.

Paid Media Mix – Search, Display & Remarketing Ads

The extra push to convert more customers from ads. Build a strong online presence for businesses and start driving more leads.

Paid Media Mix – Search Ads & Facebook ads

Start getting more online presence and drive conversions with engaging Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads.

Paid Media All-In – Search, Facebook Display & Remarketing Ads

A combination of powerful ads in different platforms. Drive more leads with the right messaging for the right audience.

Find Out Why Partners Love Working with Us

“Thank your guys for me! You provide very solid PPC reports and proposals!”


“Your PPC team did a spectacular job! The account is set up 100%! You guys are very quick! The client wanted this started ASAP, the PPC Team completed it in less than a week! Thanks for making me look good!”


“You guys have always provided me awesome Adwords results since day 1. Top-notch reports from a top-notch provider.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (or SEM – Search Engine Marketing in Google’s parlance) is a type of advertising strategy that directs traffic to your website from an ad that you paid a search engine or host website to post. You pay for each click that a person makes on that ad, whether it’s on the search results page or on a host website. The ad will only show on a results page for which the search was relevant to your business.

Can I target my client’s competitor keywords?

Yes. You can target competitor keywords to attract searchers who are looking for the same business as your clients or have the same services. Additionally, PPC reseller services include remarketing, which allows you to target an audience which has previously visited your client’s website and are now searching specifically for your client’s competitors, if you choose.

Do I have access to the PPC Campaign that you are managing for me?

Yes. We offer total transparency and you can access and manage the SEM campaign anytime you want through the white label dashboard. You can see a summary of the targeted keywords and analyze backlinks. If you have more than one campaign for more than one client, all can be managed from the same dashboard. You can even integrate Google Analytics to further keep track of performance.

How long does it take for the ads to appear on the SERPs?

All ads go through a review process performed by Google and can take a day. The process begins immediately up creation of the ad. However, some ads are eligible to run while the review is ongoing and therefore can appear in a matter of hours. However, according to Google, those ads but won’t be shown to anyone with SafeSearch enabled while the review is ongoing.

Does PPC put my client’s ad in the top position of a Google search?

No, and in most cases, you wouldn’t want it to be. The Google Adwords system does not just take into account the bid price when arranging the sponsored ads. The position of any ad takes into account over one hundred different factors including your quality score, volume of clicks as well as website and content relevancy enabling Google to deliver the right results to end users and empowering smaller advertisers to compete with bigger advertisers who have much higher budgets.

Can I your PPC services without SEO?

Yes, as PPC is not SEO dependent. It does not rely on Google search algorithms. It’s an advertising campaign that takes advantage of Google’s nature as a search engine. Unlike SEO, PPC will never generate free traffic because Google is ranking you based on your ad spend and not the quality of your site. SEO is an investment in the quality of your site and not just an investment in gaining organic rankings.

Is this the right package for my business?Who can benefit from SEM services?

It improves the online presence on Google search for your clients and increases the chances of targeting the right customers at the right time. Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services are suitable for your clients which are looking for immediate results and quick returns on their online marketing campaigns. We offer different PPC management packages to match the niche and needs of the business – PPC Starter Package, PPC Small Package, PPC Medium Package, and PPC Large Package – view details.

I already have an existing Google AdWords account. Do I still need to pay for the setup fee?

It depends. If you have Pay Per Click campaigns that are already running and only minimal changes need to be made, the setup fee is waived. If you have an account but the campaigns still need to be set up or there are a lot of settings that need to changed, then you will need to pay for the setup fee. Please contact your Project Manager for a FREE SEM Proposal and Landing Page Analysis.

Yes! I want to offer my clients an effective PPC campaign!

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