SEO for Lawyers: Optimize Your Online Visibility To Generate New Client Leads

SEOReseller expertly develops SEO strategies to help law firms build a strong online presence that results in increased client leads, phone calls, and business.

How Can Lawyers Benefit From SEO?

Attracting clients who require legal advice or services is the main goal of any lawyer’s website. Implementing an effective SEO strategy is the best way for lawyers to achieve online visibility and increase client leads.

When you work with us, here’s what you can expect:

Boost Visibility

Drastically improve your online visibility. Not only will your law firm show up in searches, like “lawyers near me,” but you’ll reach potential clients who are already shopping online for legal advice or services.

Outrank the Local Competition

Ranking in the ‘Local Pack’ is where your law firm should be. When searching for a local lawyer, 42% of search engine users clicked on the choices within the local pack. On average, law firms in the Local Pack get 59% more phone calls than their competitors.

Increase Quality Leads

Your inbound leads will skyrocket. Because of our SEO strategies, lawyers see 67% more online form submissions.

Boost Revenue

An SEO strategy produces quality leads and generates more consultations for lawyers — increased clientele equals increased revenue.

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Gone are the Yellow Pages – It’s a Digital game for Lawyers Now

The internet has become the go-to source of information – and this includes details on legal services.

People who found a lawyer from an active online search are 8x more likely to visit the practice and become patients
51% of users browse legal information websites for research
77% of online legal queries begin on search engines
48% of clients use branded terms to finish their search

It’s not enough for law practices to be on the Yellow Pages. What they need is a solid SEO strategy for lawyers to make their practice visible whenever their clients are searching for them online.

The Law Firm SEO Expert of Choice by Attorneys

With over eight years of experience in the digital marketing arena, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms from different parts of the world. The relationships we’ve built with attorneys provided us with the knowledge to navigate the competitive legal industry. 

A Dedicated, Talented Team Behind Every SEO Project

Think of us as an extension of a law firm’s marketing team. We have SEO Specialists, Project Managers, Content Writers and Editors, Graphic Designers, and Website Developers – all working together behind every law firm SEO project. We also specialize in other internet marketing strategies for lawyers and tailor them to the needs of your business to deliver consistent results.

Tailored Strategies for Law Firms

We follow a methodology that leverages the most impactful SEO activities for websites. To provide the best SEO service for attorneys, we tailor strategies based on the law firms’ digital needs, website performance, and business goals.

Why Is SEO Important for Lawyers?

Law firms can’t grow without advertising their practice – but how can they cut through the noise? 

It’s all about being more discoverable in search engine results.

With so much competition, lawyers need a solid online presence. This is because:

97% of clients search on Google instead of the Yellow Pages when looking for law firms.
74% of clients who searched online ended up contacting a law firm via phone.
28% of online local searches result in a transaction
85% of clients use online maps to search for legal service locations
96% of clients looking for legal advice use a search engine.

Why Invest in SEO Versus PPC?

Here’s why search engine optimization strategy is better than pay per click marketing:

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is temporary. It requires never-ending effort and time and at $10-$50 per click for lawyers, the costs really add up.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides long-term results and when done effectively it leads to years of quality client leads. 

Investing in SEO for lawyers will ultimately extend the life of your marketing plan, save you money, and produce tangible results.

All these numbers point to one thing — your potential clients are online. Law firms should be, too.

If you want to know more about the process and how it works, then you could check out our ‘What is SEO’ article to get a deeper understanding of what goes into the strategy..

The digital marketing arena is becoming competitive in different verticals, and the legal industry is no exception to this. 

It’s time to go beyond traditional marketing strategies and build law firms’ online presence with SEO strategies implemented by experts.

SEOReseller Implements the Best SEO Strategies for Lawyers

Local SEO and Google My Business

Reaching potential clients that reside in your neighborhood and surrounding communities is necessary for lawyers. Local SEO for lawyers makes it simple for potential clients to find you by improving your online presence. 

Google ‘near me’ searches continue to increase in frequency and have become the go-to for anyone looking for legal services.

Your local SEO strategy will start with your Google My Business (GMB) page. Without this, your law firm won’t rank in the Local Pack.

GMB is the basic information that prospective clients need to know about you, including…

Phone number
Website; and address

This information needs to be easily discoverable by both internet searchers and Google. Our local SEO strategy puts your law firm on the map — literally. When your online visibility increases so do client leads.

On-Page SEO Optimization

The content that’s built into your law firm’s website matters. Search engines use web crawlers within the algorithm to decide if your content offers value to web searchers. It’s very important to only apply the best practices in SEO in order to achieve the best results.

They will see the backend of your website as well and will be looking to see if it’s technically sound; for example: 

Your URL structure makes sense 
Your title tag and meta description give the reader direction
Your header tags include keywords
You have law firm-related keywords throughout your content
You’ve added high-authority links

Our team of SEO specialists will expertly audit your on-page SEO and will determine which keywords rank best for law firm SEO and will then optimize them to ensure a greater reach.

Website Content Development

Search engine bots are constantly evaluating your content to make sure that it offers valuable information to web searchers. Algorithms are continually being updated, and it will affect the decrease or increase in website rankings every time, but one thing is clear — quality user-experience is significantly important.

Look at it this way, if your content isn’t keeping readers on your page, you’re doing something wrong.

Lawyers that lack quality content won’t rank on page one if they haven’t invested in SEO for law firms. Period.

Examples of content that would add credibility to your law firm’s website and value to your readers may include:

Can a Paralegal Give Legal Advice?
Can You Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer?
Do I Need a Lawyer for Small Claims Court?

A well-executed law firm website will implement an SEO strategy that delivers results and starts with building high-quality content into your current site. 

Optimal User Experience

If users aren’t enjoying their experience on your website, they leave. It’s as simple as that. If you want to keep readers on your website as long as possible you’ll need a law firm SEO strategy that:

Is mobile-friendly (79% of users report that they’d share or revisit a mobile site that proves to be user-friendly)
Offers user-friendly menus
Has quick loading speeds (47% of users expect no more than a2 second load time)
Eliminates 404 (missing page) errors 
Has a contact form that’s optimized for ease of use

SEOReseller’s SEO Services for Lawyers

With over eight years of experience in the digital marketing arena, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms from different parts of the world. 

The relationships we’ve built with attorneys have provided us with the knowledge to navigate the competitive legal industry. 

Think of us as an extension of a law firm’s marketing team. We have SEO Specialists, Project Managers, Content Writers and Editors, Graphic Designers, and Website Developers — all working together behind every law firm SEO project. 

Our tailored strategies for law firms include:

Website analysis and SEO audits
Competition analysis
On-page optimization and off-page optimization
Keyword research
Developing quality content for your site
Tracking your leads; and Analytics reporting

Keyword Research

Content Creation

Website Audit

Content Audit

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

Lead Tracking


SEO Reporting

SEO Dashboards

What Industries need SEO the most?

Every industry and business is similar and different in many ways. Hence, the similarities and differences of methods and approaches when doing SEO for businesses. Learning how to conduct an SEO audit will let you know how well your website is performing or if it needs to be optimized more for search. As industrial SEO experts, we’d say that industries have 80% similar practices in search engine optimization and about 20% differences.

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