SEO Reseller SkillsAs an SEO Reseller company, we know what kind of skills are needed to help in the success of your online marketing campaigns. We know that most businesses today are looking for SEO outsource companies that can help them attain maximum visibility on search engines. However, as most of you are searching for the best outsourcing company or reseller that can help you with your online marketing needs, do you know what are the important skills that a modern day SEO company should have? Here’s a list of skills that an online marketer should have.

Website Design & Usability

SEOs should remember that a site’s structure, design and usability are also important. Object placement, relevant information and call to action language and buttons all determine if there’s a high chance that people will click and go back to your sites often. Also, if your website has fresh design, it will also contribute to SEO.

Link Building

Today, social media has also gained leverage in SEO. It can help you generate traffic and acquire customers with the use of social media networks. In line with this, link building opportunities have also increased. There are traditional ways of building links such as association sites, directories, credible high PR sites and a lot more. The links that you build this way are also known to have a longer “shelf life” than the ones acquired with the use of social media channels. Other than this, we also have internal link optimization – not just on your own sites but from using social media platforms.

Content Marketing

Content is the key to engage your users. Having well-written content is a good way to get visitors to your site, that’s why this is a very important skill. Keyword research, finding content gaps and content distribution are also important in SEO.

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