Latest Panda Update
As an SEO reseller company, we should also know what the current algorithm updates are. In line with this, Google recently announced that they are going to have an updated change in their Panda system. Every SEO company should know about this update to help them give their SEO websites a boost.

Panda 3.3

According to Google, Panda 3.3 will only refresh the data in the system. This update is similar to Panda 3.2 which is said to be an update to their data and not related to any new or changed ranking signals. In addition, they have also made a couple of changes to their algorithm that they also announced through their blog.

Evaluating Links

One of the things that they also changed is how they evaluate links. According to Google’s blog they were using characteristics of links to help them identify a certain topic of a linked page. They say that they’ve changed the way they evaluate the links, and they are also particularly getting rid of a link analysis method that they’ve used in the past years. They also said that they do things similar to this – switching off parts of their scoring for system maintenance, making it clean and understandable.

Local Search Rankings

Google also announced that they will be changing how they trigger Local Universal results. They said that they’ll be relying more on the ranking of their main search results as a signal.

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