Digital marketing is at its peak, but is your business growing as you want it to?

When we start a partnership with a new agency, we have one thing in mind: growth. A partnership is all about leveraging the strengths of your agency to help you be the best at what you do – providing quality service that delivers results.

We work with hundreds of agencies, and we surveyed the main reasons for growth or failure into a nice infographic and a few case studies that can illuminate the inside story of running a successful agency (or running it to the ground).

Building Your Agency Success Infographic

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The key points to running a successful agency are usually tied with the prices you’re charging. When your markup is too low, you won’t be able to meet your profit goals. Charging your services based on what they’re worth will give you room for growth, make it possible to hire additional sales and support staff, and work with a reasonable marketing budget.

Focusing on recurring revenue instead of one-off sales is the bread and butter of a successful agency. To make sure you’re hitting your targets, stick to an industry you understand and master it. Don’t try and sell everything to everyone; otherwise, you’ll end up drowning in the lack of ability to service and support your loyal base of clients who are paying monthly.

We outlined the success stories of four partner agencies from different locations and profiles to give you an insight on how our solutions translate to their growth.

Agency 1: Looking for a wider client base, but can only take on a small number of clients

The first partner on this list was a small-sized agency in the UK with SEO as its main service. They did their own SEO for clients who have a reasonable budget, and they had one person doing their sales.

When they first approached SEOReseller, they already had three clients under their wing and decided to purchase $2000 worth of SEO packages. They wanted to expand their client base, but because of their capacity, they could only take on a small number of clients.

When they moved to us, the first thing we did was teach them how to be better at selling their SEO services so they can rake in bigger clients. They also had access to our white label dashboard, which has complete reporting capabilities to show existing and potential clients the value of their service. Through their white label dashboard, they were also able to get resources like our pitch decks and sales guides, which helped them build their pitch and made the sales process easier.

The result:

  • Grew their client base by 8x– they now have 25 clients signed up under SEOReseller
  • The average duration of a campaign is 30 months
  • $20,000 monthly recurring revenue
  • A bigger office for their agency – they were able to hire two more people for their sales team
  • They have more time to talk to their clients (And I think, this is the most important)
  • Level: Experienced Agency

Agency 2: Wants to offer SEO, but doesn’t have the in-house team capable of handling the work

This partner was a medium-sized agency in Australia that does PPC and website development in-house. They wanted to offer SEO to clients, but didn’t have the team to do it on their own. They already had a solid client base when they signed up with SEOReseller. The number of clients they were handling before they moved to us was 30.

We made it fast and easy for them to sell their SEO services, starting from the dashboard to their SEO packages. They had all the brandable resources they needed to educate their team about SEO, and project their expertise to clients.

We provided the support and SEO methodology to get their clients ranking – from on-page strategy to off-page content. They purchased a customized Basic Local SEO package, which they marked up by 2x.

The result:

  • Client base increased by 2x – they now have 60 clients
  • The average campaign duration for a client is 20 months – the longest campaign they retained was 30 months
  • $30,000 monthly recurring revenue
  • Level: Experienced Agency

Agency 3: Starting from scratch, but has great sales skills to get clients

Our third partner started an SEO agency and has little knowledge about SEO. His main leverage was his sales skills — plus, he’s very passionate about his business that clients immediately fall in love with his service.

Because he’s starting from scratch, the partner only had at least five clients before they signed up. But that’s where it gets interesting. The partner didn’t have much background about SEO, so we taught him how to sell using our sales guides, pitch decks, whitepapers, and product flyers.

As the partner is a startup, we took care most of the backend work while the partner focused on selling SEO services. His success lies on how he was able to close clients with our Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Competitive SEO packages, which he marked up by 3x.

Timely and consistent reporting, as well as the good relationship between the partner and the Project Manager, were also key factors in the partner’s growth.

The result:

  • 8x the clientele growth – the client gained almost 40 recurring clients
  • The average campaign duration is 12 months
  • $100,000 monthly recurring revenue
  • Partner was able to hire more people to run his agency
  • More time for getting leads and selling to potential clients
  • Level: Advanced Agency

Agency 4: Looking for a provider for their long-term SEO

The last partner on this list of agency success stories was once a four-man team based in the US that does web design and PPC in-house while doing SEO on the side. They initially worked with a previous SEO provider, but were unsatisfied with the results they were getting so they decided to switch to a new one.

We gave them solutions that their previous provider was unable to meet — custom packages, tools to deliver more value to clients, and a solid business relationship.

The result:

  • More people on their team; right now, they have 10 employees working in the agency
  • Expanded their client base — from 20 to 140 clients
  • Retained clients for at least 10 months; the longest running campaign is 45 months (and it’s still running!)
  • $110,000 monthly recurring revenue
  • Level: Advanced Agency

Good providers know how to make money; the best providers will show you how it’s done. At SEOReseller, you’re not only getting solutions that drive growth to your clients, but also solutions that will scale your agency.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Talk to our Project Managers, and we’ll start planning on growing your agency.

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