Google’s about to take down more link networks in the coming days. If you think your campaigns may be hit by this next wave of penalties, it’s time for a link profile audit.

The war against spammy link networks continues, and this time Cutts himself declared war. On his Twitter account, he announced that Spanish and Italian link networks are next on Google’s radar.

 More Aggressive Campaign Against Link Networks

This latest announcement comes as no surprise, as Google has been aggressively tracking and taking down link networks for the past few months. This is their way of addressing the problem of paid links and ensuring the quality of the SERPs they serve to users.

They’ve previously penalized English and German link networks, and they’re moving to take down link networks in other languages as well. Anglo Rank, Buzzea, and were some of the headline-making link networks that were targeted by this campaign.

What This Means for You

The good news for our partners is that we give you 100% organic links from high-authority websites. If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you shouldn’t worry about your clients being hit by Google’s latest campaign because we don’t – and we won’t – get you published in these spammy link buying networks.

If you’re a new partner who’s done your own SEO in the past or who’s coming from a previous provider, and you suspect that your previous provider may have bought links in the past, it’s time to audit and clean up your links. Note that it takes more than a month for reconsideration requests to be processed now due to the volume of requests Google receives. It’s best to request an audit early on to give you time for the clean-up to take full effect.

Talk to your account manager today or log onto your dashboard to order our link clean-up service. If you’re not yet our partner, sign up now to get your own free reseller dashboard and to gain access to this and all our other SEO and online marketing solutions. Keep checking back for more updates!

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