The new search method by Google is not only entertaining to a few but also useful. Since the launch of Google’s Search by Image, people have found an alternative to searching the net without leaving Google. For SEO resellers, here are 3 scenarios illustrating the direct advantage of using Search by Image than the traditional approach when looking for link building opportunities.

Google search by image

  1.  Know the background of link baits and industry influencers. To create successful connections with the industry influencers and leaders, you have to identify their interests. Think of a recognized blogger and out his image on Google’s search engine. You will probably find results that show comments made by your recognized blogger. Study the blogs that he actively participates in to understand his interests. You can keep them in mind so that you can connect with him in the future.This is advantageous than the traditional method of looking for link opportunities since the results are more targeted and filtered.
  2.  Find press coverage that does not result into a link. You can use Search by Image to mine for press releases and participation in offline activities that do not give a link. You can use “stock” CEO photos or brand logos to find pages concerned with a company or employee being highlighted. This has leverage against the usual research tools since it helps you identify significant exposure of your company or client that does not have a link.
  3. Search for well-known guest posters to discover link opportunities. For this one, you have to find an image of guest poster who is influential and significant in your field. Put his image on Google’s search engine and study the results. The results will probably show you blog posts he has made which you can possibly approach on guest posting as well. Ideally, you will be able to find guest post opportunities that can link to other websites.

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