How Important Are Anchor Texts?

Are you allocating enough time in reviewing your web pages to see if content has anchor texts in it? See, as a white label SEO provider, we look into these aspects. No matter how small these may seem, we still analyze these because it highly contributes to gaining high ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What are Anchor texts?

These are keywords / phrases that are linked to another page or website. It’s a good way to catch your user’s attention, and direct them to a relevant page which usually provides more information about a certain subject. Anchor text is not only used to improve the appearance of the links, but it also serves a deeper purpose in terms of search engine optimization.

Effects Of anchor Texts in SEO

The most important purpose of anchor texts is creating backlinks. Backlinks are made when you use an anchor text to create a link to another page of your site.

If you use anchor texts to disguise a link, it’ll be easier for search engines to index that page for that certain keyword. However, you have to remember that when creating a backlink, it should always be relevant. Meaning, the keyword used and the URL you link to should be of the same topic or subject matter.

See, according to a study, there are websites which use anchor text, but are linked to a page that contains no text. As an SEO reseller provider, we believe anchor text is a good way to have your sites rank in search engine results pages. But if you continuously link it to a page without content, it’s not going help your sites rank.

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