SEO OutsourcingAny good marketing agency knows what to do in-house and what to outsource. Given how limited campaign budgets are, it is a must for marketers to be decisive on the allocation of resources. A misstep in resource allocation can derail the progress and success of a campaign.

In the case of digital marketing, outsourcing SEO is almost always the ideal option. It is a strategy that gets SEO projects completed with minimal resources spent while also netting your business a decent margin.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

Some might be thinking: what is SEO outsourcing? It is the practice of hiring another company to do SEO on your behalf. It turns you into an SEO reseller, someone who pays for SEO services from another business to sell to your clients at a marked-up SEO price.

Put simply, outsourcing SEO is one of the smartest moves a marketing agency can make.

Why is this a good move? Here are four good reasons:

1. Lower Cost

By nature, SEO is complicated. It is a multifaceted process that requires web design, content writing, link building, PPC, and much more to make the campaign a success. Ignoring one aspect of SEO would result in suboptimal results, which makes a holistic approach necessary.

lower-costIf you decide to do all these in-house, you would have to hire new employees, from content writers to SEO specialists. It would drain a lot of your resources straight away – and this is just for hiring new personnel. Training these individuals would cost you more, not to mention the additional expenses for SEO tools, analytics, and APIs your staff needs for all the campaigns.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, avoids this resource drain. Companies that offer SEO reseller programs already have a complete staff to work on every aspect of SEO. Contracts for outsourced SEO services tend to be shorter, as well. Some companies don’t even have lock-in periods and can be renewed on a monthly basis.

Because you don’t have long contracts to follow and additional employees to pay, the overall cost becomes significantly lower. The whole setup works because it follows the simple logic behind outsourcing SEO projects: making the most of available resources to increase profits.

2. Stronger Expertise

Outsource SEO companies have what your agency might be lacking – specialists. These people understand the industry inside out, keeping track of every little development in the way SEO is practiced.

SEO has a highly dynamic nature. Every now and then, Google releases updates to their algorithms that redefine how certain practices are done. If you are not adaptable enough to these changes, it is easy for a campaign to stagnate or worse, fail.

The expertise that comes with SEO companies is invaluable. Let’s say you need SEO for a Plastic Surgeon. Working with a professional company ensures that every aspect of the optimization is looked at. Every minor detail in PPC, link building, web design, and even social media counts – and specialists know how to capitalize on these little things. They also understand which practices to avoid to ensure the approach is fail-safe.

3. Better Resources

There is also a technological advantage when outsourcing SEO to other companies. Many SEO firms invest in developing their own tools, APIs, and other custom software. Some examples would be dashboards, report makers, and analytics. These resources streamline all SEO efforts and make it easier to track progress and adjust strategies.

SEO companies develop these tools with one important thing in mind: scalability. These resources allow them to take on dozens of campaigns at a time. This is good news for start-up digital agencies and freelancers who intend to work with them. As you grow in the role of an SEO reseller, you can easily partner with them to work on multiple campaigns while keeping the pricing reasonable.

4. More Focus on Your Agency’s Growth

business-growthOutsourcing SEO takes away a huge chunk of the workload from your agency, allowing you to focus your efforts on where you truly excel. Rather than worry about link building, content writing, and keyword research all at the same time, you can devote more time in providing your primary service. If social media management is what your company does best, commit to that and outsource the other tasks that come with it. Develop your core competency.

Consequently, it gives you more room to focus on strengthening ties with current clients and acquiring new ones. Outsourcing SEO helps you concentrate on bringing in new business. This allows you to complete more projects and grow your business at a faster pace while being able to scale.

Working with an outsource SEO company achieves many things for marketing agencies. It cuts costs, ensures campaign success, and allows agencies to focus on their core competencies. These reasons prove that outsourcing SEO has immense value for marketing firms of all sizes.

If you need a team to handle all your outsource SEO tasks, we’re here to help. Schedule a call today and learn how we can take your SEO to the next level.

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