A sales pitch is a catalyst to business growth whether you’re still in the beginning stages of your business or are already an established, powerhouse agency. A sales pitch is simply essential to your success, and at any level, there are always aspects of your pitch that you can improve on further.

In last week’s Boost Your Business Webinar Ace Your Next Sales Pitch, Bernard and William discussed the tools and techniques you can use to make your sales pitch more effective. The discussion centered around the two main areas of a pitch: laying the groundwork and creating desire.

Laying the Groundwork

A successful sales pitch is a well-prepared one, and oftentimes a lot of the work happens before you even begin telling your prospect about your business and services. These are some of the things you need to do to lay the groundwork for your pitch:

  • Overcome the reality of smallness. Think BIG, look BIG.
    Create a good impression by highlighting your capabilities, like your proprietary Dashboard and client testimonials on the methodology.
  • Research your client. If you’re not researching them, your competitors are.
    Learn what you can about their business before you even meet them, especially the state of their online presence.
  • Break the “Stranger’s Barrier”–Create an emotional connection.
    Don’t talk more than 50% of the time. You learn more about your clients and their needs when you’re listening and asking them questions the nature of their business, their key customers, and their specific marketing and business objectives, like:
    • What kind of business and services do you have? Are you B2B or B2C?
    • Have you tried Digital Marketing before?
    • Do you have a time-frame and a working budget?

Creating Desire

The more a prospective client is able to visualize their future success with you, the higher the chances that they’ll choose to work with you. Here are some ways you can help prospects imagine the success of their business in your pitch:

  • Don’t try to Maven your way through a sales pitch.
    Don’t overwhelm your prospect with too much information. Give them just enough to pique their curiosity by focusing on areas that could be improved.
  • Offer value
    Provide your clients with educational material about your services that will address their initial questions. This will create more opportunities for you to engage them later on.

    • Sell solutions
      Focus on the prospect’s pain points, and show how your services can address them.
  • Buying criteria
    Prospects go for a provider they have an emotional connection with, can deliver results, and are consistent and predictable.

These are the elements that make up a successful sales pitch. And to help you with your next sales appointment, we’ve created a Starter Pitch Kit that you can access at the Resource Center on your Dashboard. In the Starter Pitch Kit, you’ll find:

  • A checklist of key tasks for each stage of the Sales Process
  • A Brandable Base Sales Deck
  • A Website Audit Guide
  • Product Catalog
  • Sales Guides for each of our products.

Every sales pitch is an opportunity to establish a new business relationship. As your partner, we’re here not only to help you walk into that meeting with your next prospect more confidently, but also to help you establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with them.

The Boost Your Business Webinar Series allows our partners to benefit from our years of experience, so they too can establish a successful digital services business. Watch out for future Webinars, where we’ll tackle other key aspects to your digital services business.

Need help with your next sales pitch? Call our toll-free number at 1-800-250-6106 and talk to one of our Project Managers. They’ll help you ace that sales pitch.


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