Selling SEO isn’t rocket science, but it’s not simple either. In fact, 18.26% of marketing professionals state that SEO is one of their most significant marketing challenges. You’d think the process is all about finding clients and offering them a service that matches their business — that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A great deal of practice and understanding goes into selling SEO, even more so if you’re just a start-up agency or a freelancer. Expertise is what sets apart the most successful agencies from the rest, and I’m here to show how you can be just that.

In this post, I’m going to discuss how you can drive more sales to your agency using SEOReseller’s SEO dashboard software.

Understand the Technology

Let’s be honest — we’ve all been through those days when we had to consolidate everything in spreadsheets. Back then, it was all about looking at Google docs and going back and forth on different sheets just to analyze the data you’re going to send to clients. I’m sure most of you wouldn’t want to go back to those days because it was tedious work and it eats up a lot of your time. 

One of the key challenges for agencies – especially the ones who just started their SEO business – is not having the technology to maintain a cadence for their SEO processes or provide quick reporting to their clients. We’ve found a way to solve that. 

In one of our Boost Your Business Webinars, we’ve discussed the importance of understanding the technology you have at hand — in this case, our white label dashboard.

Our dashboard is designed to help both our team and your agency streamline processes. This provides you with access to real-time data, search traffic, daily rankings, backlinks, and traffic reports minus the complicated back-and-forth and spreadsheets. It also provides additional features such as an SEO client dashboard to showcase reports on campaigns. 

The agency dashboard has its own API that we built, so it’s not something you’ll find from other marketing tools out there.  

SEOReseller Dashboard

So, how do you leverage this technology to get more sales?

When partners ask me this question, I always point them to these dashboard features:

  • White Label Dashboard Setup Section – This allows you to customize your white label dashboard with your brand and provide clients with their own access to the dashboard.
  • Free SEO Audit Tool – This provides you with an on-page SEO report within seconds.
  • Agency Tools – The dashboard has the tools to help you find SEO clients, manage leads, monitor campaign performance, build reports, and more. It’s a full-suite SEO reseller agency platform. 
  • Proposal Builder – This allows you to create agency-branded proposals that are customized for your SEO prospects. Comes with a Proposal Dashboard where you can track all your proposals in one place.
  • Resource Center – This provides you with downloadable materials that can help you build your sales process, answer client questions, and expand your SEO knowledge. You’ll find white papers, pitch decks, sales guides, webinar transcripts, and much more.

Leveraging technology doesn’t stop at familiarizing yourself with the different features of the dashboard, though. The crucial aspect here is to explain the technology to clients at their level of understanding. 

It’s one thing to show them how the dashboard works, but explaining the value they can get if they have this kind of technology is an entirely different story.

Pro-tip: Display the tangible benefits that matter to your clients’ business with the SEO analytics dashboard – keyword rankings, website traffic information, website visibility score, and the latest milestones created for their campaign.

Find the Ideal Solution

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, as different businesses and niches have different requirements.

Apart from being an SEO reporting software for clients, one of the most prominent features of the dashboard is it provides agencies access to our Store for our white label SEO services.

Here’s how our Store looks like:

SEOReseller Store

You’ll find multiple SEO products, with each matching the specific online marketing needs of a client. We help partners identify the ideal solution for their clients by analyzing their business goals:

  • SEO – This solution is best for clients who are looking for a long-term strategy because the focus here is to build visibility through organic traffic. With the increase in traffic, search presence solidifies and more customers can find your client’s business — this, in turn, can help them generate more revenue. Professional SEO services also boost the authority of a website, which helps in leveling the playing field between competitors.
  • Local SEO – This solution is best for clients who are looking to increase their customer base in a specific location and drive targeted leads in that area through organic search. Local SEO services provide them with a competitive advantage in the local competition and help in enhancing visibility and reputation on local listings for increased foot traffic.
  • Link Building – Businesses who want to establish authority can benefit from SEO link building strategies. If your client isn’t currently in need of on-page optimization, you can offer them link building services to supplement their current digital marketing initiatives.

Pro-tip: Ask, ask, ask — don’t let yourself get the short end of the stick when it comes to information. That’s why we have prepared client briefs and questionnaires that you can send over to a potential client, so you know which solution meets their needs.

Solidifying Your SEO Expertise

You have the dashboard and you found your client. What’s next? Expertise.

When you access the dashboard, you also have free access to our Resource Center. Everything is free for you to download – from whitepapers to training guides.

SEOReseller Resource Center

How do you put these sales materials into action? Here are a few ideas:

1. Don’t be afraid to show proof of your success.

A client conversation usually goes like this, “I’m an owner of ABC Business and I have a website. I want to rank for these keywords, can you do that?”

As an SEO, you’re most likely inclined to answer them with a big “YES!” right away. But, if you want to win over potential clients to get your service, you need to back up your answer with solid facts. That’s why our pitch decks are there for you to use, so you can pitch your SEO services with confidence that the methodology works.

2. Don’t assume your clients know everything there is about SEO.

SEO is not new – it’s been around since the 90s, evolving as search user behaviors change with the times. But, this doesn’t mean everyone knows the ins and outs of SEO. In fact, a lot of partners still come to us and ask how they can help clients understand what SEO is and how it can be beneficial for their client’s business.

Most clients wouldn’t understand what 404s, nofollow links, or robots.txt mean. Going into a deep discussion about these things will take most of your time — time you could have used for explaining more about the strategy you have for them.

To help you breeze through some of the questions when selling SEO, you can download our methodology explainers and whitepapers from our dashboard. These are ready-made materials that can ease your clients into what SEO is all about.

SEOReseller SEO Whitepapers

3. Don’t stop learning.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of working in the digital marketing industry, it’s that SEO is continuously changing. The algorithms are getting smarter, and digital marketers need to learn how to adapt to these changes.

The algorithms are getting smarter, and digital marketers need to learn how to adapt to these changes.

How can you differentiate yourself from other agencies if your strategies are out of date? We have you covered.

Our webinars and training guides are there to help you with the education aspect of SEO. There are tons of resource materials in the dashboard, and we’re always updating it with new ones that align with the needs of agencies – from knowing how to sell SEO with a high close rate, to expanding your SEO knowledge base.

Key Takeaways: Preparation is Key

Why settle for being good when you can do more and sell more? It’s a matter of being prepared and using the arsenal of SEO tools for agencies—our SEO client dashboard included.

Let’s do a quick recap to prep your agency:

  • Know the technology – Dive into how you can use the different tools and features and translate the data you get from these into value for your clients. 
  • Find the best solution for your clients – Our SEO reseller agency platform is built just for that. With access to our white label products, selling would be a breeze for your agency. 
  • Develop your expertise – Learn how to walk the talk. Everything you need to improve your digital marketing knowledge is in the dashboard. Use them to your advantage. 

We’ve taken in partners with start-up status and have seen them grow their business to six-digit revenue status by simply following the steps I’ve enumerated above and maximizing the dashboard’s capabilities. And the good news is you can also be like them — or achieve even more.

If you’re ready to take your SEO business to the next level, our team is always ready to help. Schedule a call for a dashboard walkthrough, and we’ll start planning your strategy to get more business.

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