Your SEO efforts and methodology are only part of what makes you successful in the industry. A larger part of your success lies on the tools you use to track your progress and deliver this information to your clients. As our partner, you receive a free tool that lets you do just that and more – the white label dashboard. Today, I want to enumerate the reasons why the white label dashboard is your ticket to SEO success.

Advanced Rank Tracking Technology

Tracking the progress of your campaign accurately lets you develop more effective methodology and discover new market opportunities. Your white label dashboard is one of the only tools available that still features rank tracking. The technology you receive on your dashboard is more advanced than the tools that were previously offered by third-party providers Ahrefs and Raven, and therefore provide more accurate ranking updates. The best part is both you and your clients have access to these live ranking updates and other metrics tracking tools on your white label dashboard.

Insightful Monthly Client Reports

It is important for your clients to receive regular updates on their campaign progress. Through the SEO software platform, your clients will receive monthly executive summaries detailing various metrics tracked and used to measure the success of each campaign. The upgraded reports we provide have an added ranking movement feature that lets you spot positive and negative movement easily, allowing you and your clients to make quick and informed strategy decisions.

Easy Access to Reports and Research

Providing your clients access to information about their campaigns is one of the most important customer service features you should provide. The white label dashboard lets you do that by giving your clients easy access to reports and keyword research. With just a click of a button, they can request and download manually done keyword research and monthly campaign reports straight from your branded reporting dashboard.

Increased Sales Potential

The white label dashboard also features a section where your clients can buy other products and launch new campaigns. Their placement in the dashboard continuously displays your products and services, promoting recall and allowing accessibility once they are ready to purchase again. Consistent visibility increases your chances of closing another sale and earning more profit. It also lets your clients know that you are the one-stop shop for their online marketing needs.

SEO Business Growth

While you are providing useful information to your clients, you are also gaining insight that will help you scale your own business, find new business opportunities, and prioritize tasks properly. I recently did a blog entry (How Our Custom Branded Reports can Grow Your Company) that discusses this in detail.

You can learn more about your white label dashboard by reading the Ultimate Guide to our White Label Dashboard. It has everything you need to know about this great tool.

Create your white label dashboard today by logging into your reseller dashboard and accessing the setup wizard. You need to be our partner to get this wonderful tool – don’t forget to sign up for a free account today. Contact your account manager if you need any assistance with setting up and installing your white label dashboard. Keep checking our blog for more updates!

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