Designing a website is one thing; pitching your web design is an entirely different matter. You may have the skills to deliver an impressive website, but if you don’t pitch your web design services right, that design you’ve spent hours working on might not even see the light of day. 

Part of selling website design involves having a solid pitch and dedicating time for prep to increase your close rate. 

One thing to focus on when doing your prep is your web design pitch deck, and that’s what this blog post will cover. 

Why Do You Need a Web Design Pitch Deck?

We keep saying this every time agencies sell: be prepared or be prepared to lose your prospects to the competition

We keep saying this because of one thing: be prepared or be prepared to lose your prospects to the competition. 

A web design pitch deck can display your expertise packaged into bite-sized information and answer the million-dollar question prospects never fail to bring up: “Why we should work with your agency?”

Do you present to clients without a solid website design sales pitch? Even the most seasoned salespeople make time in preparing for client meetings and having a web design presentation just in case their prospects need help visualizing the project. 

A web design pitch presentation is important in any agency’s digital marketing toolkit simply because:

Your Pitch Deck Makes It Easier to Convey Value

You’re likely not the only one talking to prospects who need to outsource their website design services

While it’s easy to prep your web design sales spiel and walk into a meeting room of stakeholders, you can be more confident in showing the value of your web design service with a visual guide. 

Using a web design pitch deck can give your prospective clients a rough idea of what you can do for them if they hire you:

  • What’s your agency’s web design background?
  • What are the inclusions of your web design services?
  • What is the timeline of completion for the web design and development?

With the pitch deck, you can give them a better understanding of how they’ll be spending their money. You can add more information to make your web design effective and more impressive—which we’ll go over in more detail later in this post.

It’s a Reflection of Your Agency’s Professionalism

The work of digital marketing and creative agencies can get pretty hectic. So when the time comes to pitch web design services, some agencies tend to become sometimes a bit sloppy with their pitch decks. 

That’s when things fall flat. Web design is a visual product because prospects can evaluate your skills as a web designer and developer based on what you can bring to the table. If clients receive a half-baked web design pitch deck, it leaves an impression that’s less likely to be in your favor. 

Simply put, if you want clients to take your web design services seriously, you need to bring out your A-game and improve your web design pitch decks. 

Pro-tip: Throw in a web design questionnaire as you pitch your services. This will help you know more about your clients even before they start with your project.

What Should You Include in Your Web Design Pitch Deck?

Web Design Sales Pitch

There’s nothing set in stone when it comes to what you can and should include in your web design pitch deck. 

Bearing witness to startup SEO businesses that become powerhouses, we’ve taken a few of their best practices and listed the items they include in their presentation decks.  

1. A Quick Background of Your Agency

Agencies take the problem-solution approach first when pitching, but this doesn’t mean you’re not going to do a quick introduction. 

Not everyone in your face-to-face meeting may be privy to your agency’s background. You may have a champion as your point of contact, but other stakeholders and decision-makers may be in the meeting as you pitch. 

Dedicating one slide about your agency can be a sufficient introduction.

2.  Relevant Web Design Facts and Stats

Prospects are more inclined to listen to a pitch if there’s a structure to the story. So think of your pitch as storytelling and your pitch deck as the storyboard. 

However, the narrative will be more effective if you have data to back you up. That’s why your sales pitch deck should have relevant web design facts and statistics. 

Adding industry stats and facts helps explain the purpose of your web design service and gives prospects that bit of convincing to buy into your solutions. 

3. Web Design Product Features

Consider this the meat of your web design sales pitch deck. 

This part of your presentation should answer the most common questions of your clients about your website design and development process, such as:

  • Do you use WordPress?
  • Do you provide local website design?
  • Do you build websites on Shopify
  • What themes do you use? 
  • What integrations are included in the service?

Keep it short; stakeholders only spend an average of three minutes looking at pitch decks. Don’t pack all the features into one slide—you’re not giving clients a grocery shopping list. Only choose the most important aspects of the service that highlight your value proposition. Most importantly, be transparent with your website design pricing. This will make it easier for them to understand the value of every feature and integration for their website.

How Do You Build a Pitch Deck That Closes?

Like we’ve said, how you present your pitch reflects how your agency works. This is why you creating a website pitch deck needs the same level of detail you give to your web design projects. 

Here are a few pointers when building an agency pitch deck for your website design:

  • Avoid text-heavy slides. Make sure every slide in your web design pitch presentation doesn’t turn into a wall of text. Don’t treat the entire sales pitch deck as a script. 
  • Design is good, but don’t overdo it. While you want a sales pitch deck that showcases your expertise, keep design to a minimum to avoid distracting potential clients when presenting. 
  • Personalize to your audience. It’s easy to get a web design sales pitch example and use it as a template—we even have one made for agencies in the Resource Center. However, it’s also important to custom your deck to your clients. Use the information you found out about the client to supplement your web design presentation. This will make your website sales pitch more personal. 
  • Be open to questions. Leave the last slide of your web design presentation as an invitation to questions from your prospects. This is a great opportunity to check for understanding.

IMPORTANT: Even after presenting your web design sales pitch, be sure to follow up with your prospect. The sales process doesn’t end with one conversation. Create a web design email pitch including the deck and other materials from your presentation. This will help you stay on top of your prospect’s mind following your conversation. 

Be More Confident with a Web Design Pitch Deck

Your web design sales pitch deck can be a powerful tool in improving your chances of closing a client. It can supplement your web design sales spiel in a more visual way, so your prospects don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information. 

Before you book that meeting with a client, make sure you have your pitch deck ready. Better yet, prep a template that you can tweak so you don’t always have to build one from scratch. 

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