The explosive growth in the use of smartphones and tablets has resulted in responsive web design. Not only has the design changed, but where the website prospects are sent. Google’s new update allows PPC advertisers to send users not just to specific URLs at the keyword level, but to device specific landing pages as well.

According to Karen Yao, Adwords Senior Product Manager, Google is adding the new parameter {ifnotmobile:[value]} to give advertisers the ability to replace [value] with text that will then show up in the keyword level URL when the user clicks on the ad from a computer or tablet.

Yao explained that they will also change the existing Value Track parameter {ifmobile:[value]} which will now include a specified value into the URL if the ad is clicked from a mobile device.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say your online antique store is interested in targeting the keyword “antique chairs”. To send mobile users to the landing page you’ve designed for the say the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Smartphone your destination url would be

For ipad & smartphones:

For desktop & laptops:

If you use Value Track performance tracking, you’ll be able to assign internal keyword ids for desktops and mobile devices for your keyword-level desitination url:


where “df3” and “df4” are the internal keyword id which will direct the user to the desktop or mobile landing page.

According to some advertisers, they were seeing increased conversions by as much as 34%!

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