How Our Custom Branded Reports can Grow Your CompanyAs your partner, we are committed to giving you the tools you need to grow your company. Our branded reports belong to the most important tools we provide to show your clients their campaign progress. Aside from promoting transparency and helping you build customer confidence, these monthly executive summaries can also help make your business better. Today, I will share how you can grow and scale your company using our custom branded reports.

Testing Your Methodology

Our reports contain complete data on factors that indicate your campaign’s success. Your methodology affects all ranking movements, increase in organic and other kinds of traffic, and leading referrals. Studying these statistics and tracking their movement through our reports will help you see if your current service line-up is working well. You can modify details of your campaign, adding or stopping services according to your client’s unique needs.

Use the first few months to benchmark your client’s performance, and begin tracking how much will change over a given timeframe. The report makes it easy for you to cross-reference changes in your methodology with positive movement. Specializing in specific services and opening your business to new niches will be easier and faster as you continue to test and refine your methodology.

Finding New Opportunities

Our reports also provide data to indicate if you are missing any engagement and income-generating opportunities in your campaigns. If you’re looking at a month 1 executive summary, for example, you can see which keywords you may have missed to target which are more appropriate for your campaign, or see what leading search referral source you should start using more.

Details like the average time they spend on each referral, the number of page views and visits your client receives, and the bounce rate for each term used can tell you which keywords and referrers are effective at reaching your client’s target audience. Once you see where the opportunities lie, you can easily point this out to your client and use the reports as your supporting document.

Managing Task Priorities

Once you know what methods work and what opportunities are available, you can choose which tasks to prioritize. This will depend on your goals and on the traffic sources showing the greatest potential to bring in new customers. You will also see if there are any methods you can improve to maximize returns.

Prioritizing tasks and techniques are also very useful when you are managing paid campaigns. It will show you which keywords have high competition in PPC, which ones are effective at engaging the audience, and which referrers attract a healthy number of potential customers. This lets you allocate resources properly to maximize visibility and conversions out of your client’s budget.

Our branded reports are available to all our partners. Sign up today to start your campaigns and get your own customized branded reports. Talk to your account manager if you have any questions on our reports and on using them for your business. Visit our blog soon for more industry tips and information!

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