We’ve said it before, we’re going to say it again: qualifying is a crucial process when you’re selling SEO.

Even if you have dozens of leads, time will always be a limited resource. You need to dedicate as much of it as you can to qualified prospects. That’s easy to say but actually qualifying them is another story, right? So, how do you determine which of your leads to pitch your SEO services to? We make it easier with this White Label Client Questionnaire.

What’s in the Questionnaire?

This questionnaire provides you with all the necessary SEO questions to ask clients during the qualifying stage. All you need to do is brand it with your logo and send it to your prospects.

Here’s a peek at the questionnaire:

White Label SEO Client Questionnaire

How Can This Help Me Sell SEO to Local Businesses?

This SEO client questionnaire allows you to truly learn the story behind your prospect’s business and unearth their opportunities, bringing your agency closer to a sale. This makes it easier for you to recommend the right solutions and get them onboard with your SEO strategy.

Here are a few pro-tips when using the client questionnaire:

  • Do your prep.
  • Use the website audit widget — download the Partner Plugin.
  • Get your prospects to talk 50% of the time, with you controlling the conversation.

Prep your agency for that stellar pitch using this SEO questionnaire. If you want to see the whole document, sign up or log into your dashboard to download it from our Resource Center!


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