Outsource SEO to Lessen Low-Quality Link BuildingThere are many SEO strategies available for us in the SEO industry in order to fulfill our duties and deliver to our clients. However, there are also low-quality link building strategies that you should avoid. It is quite hard to gain high volume links, however, this doesn’t entail us to target link building on “low quality” sites.

Competitors Practice It

In our industry, sometimes what our competitors do can be our advantage too. However, in this case, it doesn’t matter if your competitor builds links in low-quality sites – just don’t do it. This statement may be hard to digest, most especially if you have a researcher’s point of view. Always remember that sometimes it isn’t your competitor’s links which made them where they are today. Sometimes their brand itself contributed to that particular keyword as well.

Valuable Backlink

There are some signs in which you can determine if the site that you’re trying to gain a link from is valuable. Here are some signs which can help you see which are low-quality sites and which aren’t.


If the site is cluttered with ads, chances are this is a low-quality site, which is a sign that you should stay away from these ones.

A Variety of Content, Low Traffic

A Google PageRank of 6 looks alluring to place a comment. However, if that certain blog doesn’t have good traffic and social sharing authority, chances are it’ll be put on a list of sites that will lose value in the future. In any link building technique, it’s best to get links from websites with high domain authority and high-quality content.


If you see “spammy” links on a certain page, it is best not to post your links or blog comments on it.

Where should you focus on? None other than having a well-written content.

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