One of the most important metrics to track is your clients’ rankings. Towards the end of last year, SEO tool providers Raven and Ahrefs shook the SEO industry when they announced that they were going to discontinue their rank-tracking feature.

As we are committed to improving reporting tool with new features and functionality every month (we’re obsessed with innovation)  — one of the feature in our roadmap was building our own rank tracking tool.

We are proud to announce that we have upgraded our monthly client reports. While the rest of the industry is struggling to find a provider that tracks rankings daily, has had this feature for a year, and now, is rolling out a more robust monthly reporting suite.

All of this means that we will continue to offer rank tracking that we have always been providing you. In contrast, our rank tracking technology is unprecedented innovation in the rank tracking industry, and we are proud to say we are leading the industry and setting great examples for providing keyword reports.

We’ve known third party tracking tools would eventually stop tracking rankings, which is why we’ve been developing our internal tracking system for the past two years. We are innovative, and ahead of the industry. Our reporting suite continues to track rankings while the largest third-party reporting tool, raven, has stopped.

Even more exciting n news, guess what? Our rank tracking is more accurate , and this is what our partners all have access to, that no one else is providing. Simply put, like a fine wine, we improved our rank tracking tool.

Our team has worked on making sure this technology is capable of providing accurate rank tracking information and other SEO metrics.

We will continuously work to improve our reporting services and make it a more rich reporting tool for marketing agencies and their clients. I’m proud to say we’re one of only a few companies still providing daily rank tracking in Google.

Our rank tracking feature is available on our white label dashboard, which you will get free when you sign up to become our partner. Take a look at a demo of our rank tracking feature.

Sign up now or log into your reseller dashboard to set up your own branded client dashboard today!

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