We know that most companies are already using SEO as a tool for business success. Most of them outsource SEO from SEO resellers. However, not all are using white label tactics. Yes, most SEO outsourcing companies are inclined to give in to black hat tactics, because it yields fast results. However, these tactics are still weak, and it fails all the time. Fast-results that black hat yields only stay short-term.

So, for SEO companies out there, here are some white label SEO tactics that we have gathered for you to use.

Universal Search Optimization

The diversity of Google universal search results mixed with videos, images, books and more is an advantage for everyone in the SEO industry. According to study, video and image formats dominate Google mixed results, however, only a few sites apply SEO to these criteria. Including these on your pages will definitely help you get ahead of the competition.

User-Generated Content

Most of us were bothered with the recent Google algorithm update. Well, you should stop thinking about creating great content on your own. The moral of the story: start brainstorming on how you can find and engage your brand advocates into generating content for you. With the use of guest blog posts, comments, testimonials, and Q&A you’ll be able to build great opportunities for fresh and diverse content.

Social Networking SEO

Don’t let your content sit around the corner. If you have great content on hand, find ways to promote it beyond the standard social posts and submissions. Start by networking social-savvy elites that engage with your content regularly.

These are just some of the white hat tactics which we do to keep our client’s websites on top. If you need any online marketing help, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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