The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO Services

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SEO is an important factor in the success of a digital marketing campaign. But, let’s face the reality – it’s complicated and time consuming to learn the tricks of the trade and do all the SEO for all your clients. For any small or medium-sized agency, doing the SEO work on your own might just be the one thing holding you back from scaling your business.

Is it better to outsource search engine optimization? Yes.

We’re not saying this because it’s our industry. We’re saying this because getting SEO services from a white label provider can save you more than just time and effort.

So, we’ve decided to provide you the Ultimate Guide to Outsource SEO Service. In this guide, we’re going to cover:

Why Should You Outsource and Work with a Private Label SEO Company?

It’s really important to consider the benefits of outsourcing your SEO services as well as the impact it will have on your agency. It’s a big decision and requires total commitment in order to be successful.

1. More time to focus on growing your agency – all you need to do is sell; your outsource provider will do the work.

Choosing the right outsource partner is the trick here. You need to be able to trust their methodology and feel comfortable that they can deliver results for your clients. Whilst they work in the background to get the job done, you get to focus on growing your existing client relationships and getting more clients through the door.

2. Get more opportunities of tapping into a larger pool of knowledge to establish your agency’s expertise.

Your outsourcing company should be able to provide your sales team with the training and resources they need in order to sell the SEO methodology and set the correct expectation with prospects and clients. We offer our partners free training webinars, sales guides and white papers in order to get them ready to sell our SEO methodology.

3. Your SEO will be managed by experts. You don’t have to worry about training or hiring new staff to do the SEO work or come up with a strategy that works.

With an outsource provider, you have a team of SEO experts working on your campaigns. They truly become an extension of your teamwithout the overhead costs associated with hiring in-house experts. On top of that, you get to benefit from years of tried and tested SEO strategies.

4. Earn and learn. SEO outsource companies will give you the arsenal to get more clients – from sales guides and pitch decks, to SEO proposals and web design mockups.

Our extensive experience in growing agencies, becomes your advantage. We already know what you will need in order to get more leads, close more deals and retain your existing clients. All your needs are catered for in our ever-growing Resource Center.

Gain access to unlimited resources by signing up for a free account.

Start Right: Your Outsource SEO Checklist

Now you know why you should consider outsourcing your SEO. Let’s dive into the most important things you should look for when considering an SEO provider. You want your clients to be in safe hands and we share the same sentiments. So, when you outsource your SEO, we want you to have a sense of security that you’re making the right decision.

When getting SEO services from an outsourcing provider, this checklist will come in handy.

Month-to-month services

Check the monthly services included for campaigns on an on-going basis. How much content will they provide for every campaign? What type of SEO work is included? You need to know the services included so you can be sure that you’re getting value for every dollar you spend.


Outsourcing SEO is not just about getting people to work on your campaigns; the available tools and technology are equally important to get your campaigns rolling. Sign up to the software or dashboard, browse around and ask for a demo if they don’t provide access before paying.

SEO Packages

Scrutinize their white label SEO packages to ensure it will meet your clients’ needs and calculate if the markup price will make your packages profitable.

Available resources

Expanding your knowledge base puts your agency ahead of others so it’s very important that your outsourcing provider give you access to sales materials, training guides, contracts, proposals, the whole suite.

Staff support and expertise

Who will be working on your campaigns? It’s important to trust the right people to get the job done. Give them a call and talk to them about your needs. The conversation will give you a sense of their communication capabilities.

We don’t charge our partners for access to the dashboard. Create an account and see everything you’ll get with us.

The Big No-no’s When Outsourcing Your SEO

When getting SEO services from an outsourcing provider, this checklist will come in handy.

They don’t follow Google’s guidelines

Anyone who doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines is bad news. Don’t risk your clients (and your agency’s reputation) by going to an outsourcing company using black hat tactics. Ask for samples of their work and case studies to ensure that they are working within Google’s guidelines. We work with the best interests of your clients in mind, so we design our methodologies within Google’s guideline

They lack knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends

There’s always something new in SEO. If your provider is not up-to-date with these trends, you’re missing the value of SEO and giving your clients a disservice. Our team won’t let that happen.

They guarantee fast results

As much as we would like to say your clients are going to be on page one overnight, SEO doesn’t work that way. For our methodology, positive ranking movement takes about 1-3 months. First page rankings can be attained in an estimated 6-8 months. So if a provider says they can get your clients to rank on the first page within a couple of days, cut the call and run for the hills.

They have a one-size-fits-all strategy

SEO works differently for every business; each of your clients has specific needs. A one-size-fits-all approach to SEO won’t cut it. Our project managers will talk to your agency to get to know your business and your clients to customize campaigns accordingly.

They don’t have proof that their methodology works

At SEOReseller, we publish case studies and whitepapers to show the effectiveness of our methodology. If your current provider doesn’t have any form of proof to back up their methodology, you’re better off finding a different provider.

They don’t send SEO reports

There’s no sense to hiring an outsourcing SEO provider if you don’t even see the progress of your campaigns in a way that’s easy to relate to your clients. Reports give you a bigger picture of your SEO campaigns’ performance, and we send them to you every month as well as provide you access to view real-time progress.

With SEOReseller, you’re working with experts who know the industry like the back of their hand and who walk the right path to SEO success. Want to know our team?

Don’t Hesitate to Ask!

Talking to your potential outsource provider is very important. You establish two very important things. Number one, they can answer any of your concerns with confidence. Number two, they have great communication skills. We’ve listed the most important questions to ask your outsourcing company.

Who will be working on my client’s campaigns?

Know who will be handling your client’s campaign. Who’s going to be your contact person? Find out how knowledgeable that person is. When you outsource your SEO with SEOReseller, we’ll assign a dedicated Project Manager to oversee your campaign with SEO specialists implementing our strategies for your client.

Who will maintain ownership of all optimized content?

This is a sound concern. It’s important to have a clear understanding of who will take ownership of all optimized content if your contract ends or if you decide to shift to a new provider. You need to make sure that all the work you are paying for will remain yours after the business relationship ends. At SEOReseller, we work on a month to month basis without a lock-in contract. All the work is handed over to our partners if the relationship comes to an end. That means that our partners choose to stay with us because they get results, not because they are locked in.

How do you align your SEO with other digital marketing initiatives?

SEO is not a stand-alone service, and experts know that you can’t rely on SEO alone. The response that you get from this question should detail how SEO complements other digital marketing services – whether it’s PPC and SEO, Social and SEO, or Website Design and SEO.

What types of reports do you send?

Reports give you a chance to see how the provider presents and interprets the results of their SEO strategy. You want a report that’s easy to understand so you can relay the same information to your clients. At SEOReseller, we send monthly Executive Reports, Website Audits, On-Page SEO Analysis, and Proposals detailing the recommendations that our partners should implement on client websites.

Which SEO tools are you using?

Your SEO strategy can only be as good as the tools that your provider is using. There are good tools, and there are bad ones out there that providers use for black hat strategies. If your provider starts enumerating tools like Rankwyz, The Best Spinner, Scrape Box, turn the other way. The answer you’d want to hear from this question is SEMRushAhrefsBuzzSumo, and other legit SEO tools — which we use along with our proprietary dashboard, by the way.

Do you have any success story to share?

SEO is all about results. If a provider doesn’t have any success story to share, stay away. A good outsource SEO company is one that can walk you through case studies and share their past work. If you ask us this question, we’ll give you more than enough success stories, whitepapers, and case studies as proof.

Your SEO success starts by working with a team that can deliver value-added service and help you and your clients grow. With SEOReseller, we’re not just doing outsource SEO—we’re going to help you do more and take your digital business to a new level.

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