On Google Updates & Onpage AuditsIn the recent weeks Google has been aggressively rolling out algorithmic updates such as the Panda and the most recently “Penguin” update. These updates are classified by Google as “algorithmic” update in simple term means a machine “bot” determining whether a site qualifies as “high quality” or “low quality”.

Our methodology has always been to stay relevant, focus and provide value to users through our SEO, content and on page optimization audits. Hundreds of our campaigns are ranking high in search because of the following seoreseller.com guidelines. We recommend all of these be followed.  For help implementing these items, give us a call.

Penguin/Panda Ready Methodology

The guidelines we use to launch and successfully rank websites high in search results continue to prove the best in the industry.  We want to remind everyone to make sure all websites are following these recommendations.

1. Page Layout

Google penalizes site’s that don’t have a clear view of the page’s content “above the fold”.  Don’t have ads and your banners designs don’t push your content too far down the page.

2. On Page Optimization

Our on page audits strictly follows Google’s webmaster tool guidelines. Contact us to get a fresh on page audit on a new or existing campaign.

3. Keyword Density Guidelines

We have always taken a conservative stance on keyword density.  This helps ensure our projects success regardless of algorithm changes.

4. Natural Link Building

Link building should only happens where appropriate in theme relevant areas that both show Google a natural buzz around the site & promote the brand.

The Google algorithm mainly has effected fly by night SEO’s and web sites with lots of ads at the top of the pages or repetitive content. Each project we work on goes through a strict duplicate content audit and keyword density optimization to ensure Google views the page as high quality.
We want to encourage our agency partners to call us and get specific help if you get a lead or want to learn more about how to intake a client that was effected by these updates.

Effected Areas By “Penguin”

The following are areas that fall under Google’s algorithmic update.

-Keyword Stuffing

-Duplicate Content


-Ads Above Fold

Our SEO team are experts at identifying what ranking issues any website has.  If you have a customer or lead that needs analysis, contact us and we will give a 20 point Google Panda Audit.

Communicating With Google

Contact your account manager to talk about how to ensure the on page optimization for your website meets our guidelines. We also can create a Recovery Proposal for new leads you get that have suffered from a ranking drop.  We’re excited about being the industry lead for organic SEO and helping more clients achieve great results.

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