Why Performance Based SEO Is Important in 2012As the search engine optimization industry is growing rapidly, the term “performance based SEO” is becoming popular as well.  Performance based SEO is considered one of the best ways to market your brand. Paying for the actual results is the main difference between a traditional SEO campaign and performance based SEO.

Here are some benefits of Pay per Performance or performance based SEO:

Better Rankings

As an SEO reseller, we are aware of the algorithm changes on Google, such as Panda and Penguin. This is where performance based SEO will come in handy this year. With search engines updating their algorithm over 500 times a year, the best way to maintain ranking is to choose the right keywords that will have an impact on your website in terms of traffic growth and sales. When you choose performance based SEO, the agency will only select important keywords with the potential to rank high on search engines.

Increase in Productivity

For this type of SEO, you only pay for high-performance keywords. The SEO provider will generate the best potential keywords and work on it using certain techniques that will ensure better results.

Control over SEO Budget

This is probably one of the most important reasons performance based SEO is a better option. You get a complete report and analytics from the SEO agency on what was done and results achieved in terms of user traffic, and lets you decide whether or not you should spend more.

At SEOReseller.com, our methodologies and services can be turned into effective performance based campaigns that can help your website and company grow, without straining your budget.  You pay for the actual results, and nothing more.

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