White Label SEO Reseller: Real-Time Tracking
As SEO resellers, we know that the web is moving faster than anyone has expected – changing their algorithms often, we can’t live by merely building a website and implementing changes once we have new products or services to be launched. Nowadays, we need to constantly modify our websites by having what’s best for our websites.

As a white label SEO reseller firm, we know how important it is that a client knows the performance of their campaigns. First, we always ensure that we execute strategies that will best work with your campaigns. Right after, we track its performance mid-campaign to know if there are improvements to make, or if the strategy that we’ve made is working. To know how your campaigns are working, you can easily get data of your campaign’s performance in our Backend. With this, you can easily see what’s going on with your website’s performance as it happens.

Some factors that you’ll see in our backend are:


Getting real-time tracking of your keywords will lead you to know which of the keywords you are using are in the first, second and third page of search engine results pages (SERPs). You will easily see your campaign’s keyword movement, which of them moved up and which of them declined or stabilized.

Website Traffic

Real-time tracking traffic shows how much traffic is converted with the use of other site referrers. Not only that, but it can also track how much traffic are converted through search engines only. Real-time tracking will be helpful in knowing which landing pages of your websites are mostly visited by your users.

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