At SEOReseller, we’re all about making your life easier.

Today, we introduce our new Proposal Builder which gives you the ability to easily generate proposals for SEO, Social Media, Web Design and PPC packages in minutes.

Proposal Builder

Before our new Proposal Builder, agencies wasted countless hours creating untested, long-winded custom documents or they relied on tired old templates that don’t convert.

We save you time while providing you with an effective and professional solution with the Proposal Builder.

First, we’ve reduced the amount of time between initiating a pitch and producing a proposal. Instead, it’s ready in just minutes.

Second, it’s exactly what your clients are looking for – detailed, customized and well-written. The perfect companion to your convincing pitch.


Your Proposal Builder also comes with a Proposal Dashboard where you can easily see detailed information about each proposal you created including the price you paid for the product, how much you’re charging your client and the status of the proposal. This allows you to track your proposals at a glance.


Combine the Proposal Builder with our free web audit tool and your white label dashboard and you have everything you need to close the prospect and start building a long-lasting relationship with your client.

Find out more about the Proposal Builder and Proposal Dashboard in our Help Center. Start using the Proposal Builder now and start closing more clients, today.

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One Comment

  1. The proposal building is a useful tool for sure but are there any plans to be able to integrate multiple options into a proposal. ie- adding web design, monthly SEO and social media?
    At the moment I don’t see that we can do this… it’s a pain to have to take a proposal convert it from a pdf to a word doc, rewrite it and add options into it (it never turns out right because the the styling options aren’t usually compatible or the same as in the polished PDF doc that you produce.


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