The metadata has a lot of value for SEO. It is a shortcut information about your page. And from’s experience, these short snippets of content have been useful in improving three things:

Click-Through Rates

The click-through rate (CTR) boost is the most important benefit of metadata. This has an impact on the algorithmic ranking process, after all. The same concept applies to your efforts in improving PPC conversion rates.

The more clicks your site has, the better it does on the SERPs. To get that, you need to have comprehensive, engaging meta descriptions.

Bounce Rate

Metadata helps reduce the bounce rate of a website, too. The title tag and the description both show up in the SERPs. Searchers will only click if they find the information relevant. This improves the quality of visitors on your site. Soon enough, you’ll see how the visitors stay on your pages longer.

User Experience

All in all, metadata has the power to improve user experience. The 156-character description is enough to supply the right information to searchers. In effect, visitors know what to expect once they click the link, which translates to better UX.

With effective title tags and meta descriptions, your site is one step closer to ranking at the top of the SERPs.

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