“What exactly happens after launching my campaign?”

This is a common and pressing question we get from SEO resellers every day. An inquiry that is so basic yet requires a full explanation about what we mean by “getting your campaign rolling” with our SEO services

After filling out our order form and making your payment, your project will be queued in our system. The tasks will be forwarded to our team of SEO specialists, content writers, editors, videographers, and digital marketing specialists. This is the official start of the process. 

In this blog, we’ll be diving into how we launch SEO campaigns for clients and how we deliver monthly progress using our SEO campaign checklist to start ranking websites.

24 to 48 Hours after the SEO Campaign Launch

Keyword Research

Keyword research builds the foundation of any SEO strategy. We’ll look for the best, high-ranking set of keywords for your project and send you the list within a day or two. You then get to approve which ones to target.

On-Page Structural Report

We’ll perform an SEO audit on your site to spot areas that need improvement. Think of this part of the process as providing the diagnosis of a website and looking into the elements affecting its online performance. By doing an SEO audit, SEO specialists will have a clearer direction on how to improve the website’s ranking. 

Keyword Tracking 

After the keywords are approved, our specialist will immediately start tracking them in our proprietary keyword rank tracker. From then on, you have full visibility of the daily ranking movements of these tracked keywords. 

Tracking keyword rankings

Google Analytics Integration and Ads Integration

The moment you give us access to your clients’ Google Analytics and Ads data, we can quickly integrate these tools into our SEO software platform. You can also do this on your own.

3 Days after the SEO Campaign Launch

Content Optimization Report Creation

We will now move forward with optimizing your client’s website. Our Content Optimization Report outlines the approved keywords for Meta data and on-page content creation. 

Task Deployment

Our system auto-deploys the content creation tasks under the close watch of our Workforce specialist. Our tasking system works seamlessly with our teams’ calendars and time management modules.

Track tasks and activities

Content Creation

Our Content team begins the creation process the day the tasks are deployed. 

Our writers choose the topics that fit into your business and target audience based on the information you provided. This allows us to dive into industry-specific topics to match the SEO strategy for a target niche, such as in chiropractor SEO, small business SEO, or real estate SEO strategies. 

The duration of the content writing process depends on your SEO service package. For instance, three on-page copies can be finished within the day. If your SEO service includes 30 on-page copies or more, you can expect the completed output within eight business days.

4 to 5 Days after the SEO Campaign Launch

On-Page Optimization

We start optimizing the website and implementing changes based on the SEO audit and recommendations made by our SEO specialists. 

On-page optimization includes:

  • Optimizing URLs
  • Improving header tags
  • Optimizing Meta titles and descriptions
  • Implementing quality content
  • Adding quality images with alt tags
  • Inner linking to relevant pages
  • Fixing broken links

Month 1 Marker

You’ll be able to see all the tasks and work that’s been completed throughout the month in your SEO campaign management software within your dashboard. At the end of the month, you will receive an Executive Summary Report that details all of the month’s activities and accomplishments. 

On the executive summary PDF file attached to the email, you’ll find a detailed report on rankings, traffic, links built, Google Analytics, and the strategy for next month.

30 Days after the SEO Campaign Launch

Roadmap Creation

Once the website starts gaining momentum, our SEO team will outline the off-page content and link building strategy. All content created is uploaded to our system and will wait for your approval.

Link Building

All content created will be published in high authority websites, which are relevant to your client’s product and services. Each piece of content will have a link to the targeted landing pages on the website. Our link building takes around two to four weeks. 

Track link building efforts

Video Content Creation

If your package includes videos, we will produce them in two days. You just need to fill out a form telling us what you want to see so we can begin. We’ll start the process after receiving the form.Our junior marketing specialists then upload your video to different digital platforms.

60 Days after the SEO Campaign Launch

Customized SEO Strategies

In the succeeding months, we’ll create a roadmap customized to the needs of your client site’s SEO. The SEO specialist dedicated to your project analyzes all the data from the previous months. 

We look at the trends of the specific industry of the client—for example, real estate SEO trends may affect how realtors are showing up on search results. 

In addition, we’ll build the roadmap to target the best keyword ranking opportunities based on the site’s current ranking status. For example, if a keyword almost ranked on page 1, we may target that keyword more to get it on the first page. If a keyword, or group of keywords, isn’t responding well, we go back to the drawing board to formulate new strategies. 

By dynamically building the roadmap every month, we keep the targeted keywords ranking and your strategy successful.

The succeeding months will focus on the need for customized techniques for the project. We re-visit and add content to the site as needed. We refine the campaign’s SEO metrics and check Analytics and Google Search Console tools consistently to ensure that the site is in good shape.

Common Questions When Launching an SEO Campaign

You’re likely to still have a few questions about the process. Don’t worry – we’re here to shed light on how to make your SEO campaign management as smooth as possible for every client.

Is the process the same for all websites?

No two clients are the same. A villa rental owner looking for SEO services for hotels may not necessarily have the same needs as a restaurant owner looking to improve their online presence. 

However, what you want is to have a repeatable, scalable SEO workflow to get things done. You may follow this SEO campaign project timeline and apply a few tweaks here and there based on the goals of the website, their industry, and their audience. 

Will there be a difference in the process if I launch a Local SEO campaign?

There may be a slight difference. Local SEO strategies focus more on optimizing a website using geo-targeted keywords, localizing content, and linking to authoritative business listings for the business. 

If you choose to get local SEO services, the process will include building local citations and optimizing the client’s Google My Business profile so the website appears on Google’s Local Snack Pack. For better tracking of results, you’ll get access to a GMB dashboard for agencies

Does this follow Google’s best practices?

Being on the digital landscape for over a decade, we’ve learned one simple rule: Do not try to game the algorithm.

We’ve learned one simple rule: Do not try to game the algorithm.

While nothing is set in stone when it comes to SEO, our team has been experimenting with different strategies to rank websites but not at the expense of getting a Google penalty. 

Every aspect of our process in launching an SEO campaign is born out of our experience with how the digital landscape evolved, combined with the best practices prescribed by SEO experts.

Time to Launch Your First SEO Campaign

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of how we run things in the background and help websites rank, it’s time to launch your first SEO campaign. 

Before you do, make sure you have the following to make your SEO campaign management smooth sailing:

Once you have all these, you’re ready to get that SEO project rolling.

If you’re starting with a new client, we encourage you to try our process, get them on board, and see how their website gains momentum on search results. 

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