After months of being in beta testing mode, Bing has finally made Product Ads available to all U.S. advertisers. This announcement came just a few days after Bing announced that Product Ads for Mobile in Beta.

Bing Product Ads is now available to all U.S. advertisers
Bing Product Ads is now available to all U.S. advertisers


Bing’s product ads will display rich images, product prices and descriptions across Yahoo! and Bing. The good news is you won’t have to provide this information from scratch. Bing will pull this information from your own product catalog and your own feed. You can also import existing ad campaigns from Google for consistent promotion across search engines.

Watch Bing’s introductory video below for more information:

Helping Consumers in the Buying Process

In the official blog by David Pann, Microsoft’s General Manager for the Search Network, he said that this move is meant to help facilitate the buying process. ‘With Product Ads, you can help searchers reach a purchase decision quickly, reducing the number of clicks and time involved,” he wrote.

‘We’ve been testing Product Ads extensively across more than 140MM offers with hundreds of advertisers over the past several months to ensure we delivered a great experience – for both consumers and advertisers – before expanding our offering while simultaneously listening to and incorporating feedback,” he added.

Bing’s announcement only covers advertisers in the United States. There is no word yet as to when this new feature will be made available to other advertisers around the world, but we can expect this to happen soon.

What This Means for You

With this new feature and Bing’s Product Ads for Mobile (BETA) being rolled out, you need to ensure your ecommerce campaigns are optimized, since Bing will automatically pull information from your catalog.

  • Ensure that your client’s product listings are updated. You’ll need to help them update these to ensure Bing pulls product information that is still relevant to your target audience.
  • Check that your product descriptions are brief and accurate.
  • Ask your client for updated product images, and optimize these for web.

Talk to your account manager today if you need to update and optimize your clients’ ecommerce websites for this new feature. We also create ecommerce websites – this is included in our complete range of online marketing solutions. Sign up for free to become our partner and get started!

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