There are SEO tools for every metric that tells you how your site performs. Each one claims to make life less difficult, but there are two problems:

First, the Internet is saturated with these tools. Each one promises to deliver better than the other; you don’t know which one can really cover your needs until you sign up and end up getting frustrated. Second is the cost. Even if you have the marketing dollars to burn, you can’t afford to see your money go to waste for an unsatisfactory service.

I’ve gone through that painful trial and error process myself. Thankfully, I’ve found the few that truly practice what they preach. Here are the top tools I use to make every SEO campaign a success:


As an SEO professional, you always need to access fresh and reliable links data about your client and its competitors; that’s why Majestic should be your best friend. It’s the largest link database on the planet, and its cutting-edge tools will prove useful.


SEMRush is exactly where you want to be to research on your competition. It provides a variety of reports about your competitors’ site performance, budget, targeted regions, and a lot more.


You don’t need technical expertise at all to build, test, and publish high-converting landing pages for your clients with Unbounce. It offers an array of innovative tools to let you do just that, no sweat.

Crazy Egg

This site is like no other. Crazy Egg gives you four powerful tools to get a clear picture on how visitors behave while browsing the site. Such information is invaluable for improving the site’s design and other web elements.


Every local SEO specialist owes success to BrightLocal one way or another. It has a host of intuitive tools to help you track your performance, get relevant reports, optimize your Google+ profile, create citations—basically all the ingredients to conquer the local market.

Link Detox

Link building is necessary, and a clean link profile is paramount. Link Detox is not only useful in preventing your client from being the target of Penguin updates, but also in recovering from rank-dropping Google penalties.


A premier source of top-notch backlink analysis tools, Ahrefs is the ultimate portal to acquire up-to-date, link-related statistics for your client and your competition.

Screaming Frog

The SEO Spider of Screaming Frog is a godsend in terms of analyzing and auditing your client’s site. It quickly gathers key web elements and arrange them in order to make spotting SEO issues a breeze.


Only a few backlink removal tools has the right features to successfully take out bad links and obtain reconsideration requests. rmoov is one of them and right there at the top.


It strips your client’s site naked, and reveals the major issues that affect its overall quality and SE rankings. Siteliner can determine duplicate content, broken links, and page power.

Becoming our partner means never having to pay for any of these. That’s only one of the notable benefits of signing up for; the most sought-after SEO tools on the Internet right at your fingertips are absolutely for free.

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