Launch SuccessAs our partners, we want to help refine your processes as you begin to service new clients. In today’s blog, I want to discuss what you should do when launching the first month of your client’s SEO campaign. What you do in the first month of working together sets the tone for the rest of your professional relationship. It’s important that you make a great impression to encourage customer loyalty and grow your client base through referrals. Use this as your basic guide to ensure the success of your SEO campaign launch.

Managing Clients’ Expectations

Managing Clients' ExpectationsBefore starting any work on your client’s campaign, it is important to have already set their expectations about how soon they can achieve their goals. Get this done during the proposal stage. Explain the process to them in detail and make them realize that SEO requires multiple processes done over a given period in order to be successful. This will help you avoid any problems that may arise from their false expectations or misconceptions about search engine optimization.

Stay in Tight Communication with Clients

Communication during your campaign launch is important because your clients may not have a full idea of what you will be doing. As mentioned earlier, the first month also sets the tone of the rest of your relationship, and it’s important to start strong. Set your client’s expectations based on the results of your site audit. Let them know what needs to be done, how frequent you will be communicating with each other, and what kind of participation you expect from them. These will be very important at the beginning of their campaign.

Start with On-Page Evaluation

On-page SEOIn a post-Panda and post-Penguin world, on-page content has become more important than ever for search engine optimization. Your off-page strategy will not give your client the results they desire if their website is not optimized for search engine discovery. Make sure you have an account manager to talk them through the on-page evaluation and discuss our recommendations in full detail. These details are important especially if your client’s website has no relevant pages for the keywords they want to rank for.

You should provide and implement the recommendations on the on-page report within 1-2 weeks after formally closing the deal with your client. Your client can implement the recommendations themselves if they have very strict security protocols. You can also have us do it on your behalf.

The Off-Page Lull

Once on-page optimization is done, off-page link building and optimization follows. At this stage, you will notice your communication with your client diminishing, and this is normal. I still suggest you communicate with them regularly, as I mentioned in my previous blog about improving customer retention. One mode of communication that will become regular from this point onwards is the campaign reporting. We will provide you the ranking report early, and this will include information about their ranking movement, Google Analytics data, and off-page SEO implementation. Set a meeting with your client to walk them through the report and explain your recommendations for the following month.

Focus Heavily on Diversity

Diversified LinksStarting your campaign strong on the first month is important not only because you want to make a good impression on your clients. How well you begin will determine how well your campaign will go in the following months, as these months are meant to carry the momentum forward.

In the first month, you will be doing up to seven diversified link building activities. Focus on the quality of links you build and on link diversity. We will help you build links that offer organic traffic and high referral value. This will make your work easier the following months and show your client how reliable you are as an SEO provider.

We’re always ready to help you start a new campaign with your client. Log into your dashboard to launch a new campaign or contact your account manager if you need assistance with your new client. If you’re not yet our partner, sign up for a free account today to claim your free reseller dashboard and get started. Keep checking back for more tips and updates!