On May 15, 2018, we will deploy a release of SEOReseller code-named Obi-wan. This is the first major release in a packed roadmap for the coming months. Since the beginning of the first quarter of 2018, we’ve realized and learned from our mistakes. We are determined to correct those and improve your experience with our tools and services. This is a long and exciting journey.

1.1. Limits of our current setup

Until now, all communication sent via the CRM and marketing automation tools were routed through our internal email delivery system. Unfortunately, this had major drawbacks for everybody:

  1. Every user of the platform had an impact on the global email reputation of the SEOReseller platform. A few bad actors can affect everybody.
  2. Because of this risk, some features, such as the ability to import contacts, were not initially implemented which limited the global value of our platform.
  3. The existing setup also did not allow the system to integrate replies from your customers, limiting the value of the CRM solution.Finally, emails were not sent from your email address. This limits the trust your future customers have and their willingness to open emails sent by our platform.

1.2. Integrating your mailbox

In May 2018, we are releasing a new integration that allows you to connect your GMail, or any IMAP / SMTP email account, as the preferred way to communicate with your contacts. This has multiple advantages:

  1. All communication is yours. You have a copy of every thread in your mailbox.
  2. We can now integrate replies from your contacts and they will be accessible in both the CRM and your usual mailbox.
  3. This eliminates any reputation issues and allows us to develop new features like the ability to import your contacts.
  4. For the month of April, the integration will be optional. Starting April 30, this will be the only supported way to send an email. Sending through our gateway will be disabled.

1.3. Update on our privacy policy

Of course, by allowing direct access to your mailbox, you give access to your most sensitive information. We guarantee you that:

  1. We only access emails from contacts added in the CRM
  2. We do not access emails from before the integration
  3. We encrypt all emails received
  4. No human has access to the encryption keys
  5. Indexing and search are created on an automatically cleaned up version of emails (we automatically strip anything that looks like a Personally Identifiable Information)
  6. The data is owned by you. You will be able to export all your data. If you close your account, we guarantee that all your data will be deleted within 3 months after the closing of your account.

1.4. Summary of new features

As explained, sending emails via our gateway was not the best idea. Thanks to this change, in May we will release:

  1. A new and upgraded email automation system
  2. A comprehensive contact import feature
  3. A new simpler, more complete and beautiful audit!

These are the first steps towards a whole new experience on SEOReseller and we are excited to build a better solution for you and your clients.

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