Link building is an essential part of your strategy. You can’t afford to ignore it; otherwise, all your efforts will become futile and put your online reputation at risk.

Bad, unnatural, or toxic links are the banes of your link building strategy. These low-quality links (some of which are spammy) will earn penalties from Google. Knowing their impact on your SEO, it’s important to use link detox solutions and initiate other relevant efforts to rid your website of these problems.

Here are some tips:

Identifying Bad Links

The most obvious bad backlinks are those not related to your market, business, or industry. Some of these links come from article or link farms that have a reputation for low-quality and generic content.

Links from websites with expired certifications and whose security features are questionable may also affect your strategy. Broken and sponsored links are also another problem.

What You Can Do

Immediately identifying and removing the bad links is the way to go. Use an auditing tool to make the job faster, especially when your website is infested with spammy and questionable links.

When checking the links, focus on the following: the page that is linked, the anchor text, and their relevance to your business. Other than removing the links yourself, you should also contact the webmaster of the websites where the links originated.

Get rid of your problematic and low-quality links now and see your SERPs ranking improve.

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