Google AdWords is definitely one of the most useful tools for every SEO campaign. I’m going to talk about this tool’s advanced features that optimize your keyword bidding strategy. With proper use, you can breathe new life into campaigns that need help with pay-per-click efforts.

Auction Insights

The Auction Insights feature is the key to finding out how well you fare against your competitors in the same keywords. With this information, you can gauge whether or not you need to raise bids for a particular keyword. It also helps you decide which keywords to focus on for more impressions and higher click-through rates.

Bid Simulator

Another useful AdWords feature is the Bid Simulator tool. This allows you to check how many estimated clicks you’ll get if you increase your bids. Contrast this with your conversion history in the previous months and this will guide you on which keywords are worthy of the increased bids.

Keyword Planner

Cost-per-acquisition is important for a campaign – and this is something the Keyword Planner can help you with. This feature creates forecasts for lists of keywords on a daily basis. The figures change whenever you increase or reduce your bids, so it provides a clear picture of how well your campaign will fare.

These features require a level of expertise to be highly effective. Working with our team will help take your PPC and SEO campaigns to the next level.

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