How to Create Ecommerce SEO Strategy that SellsEcommerce SEO is in high demand because more businesses are taking their stores online. Adding this solution on your service line-up is a great way to expand your market and your profit stream. Today, I want to share a few tips on creating an ecommerce SEO strategy that will make the most out of your client’s online store.

On-Page Strategy

The website will serve as your client’s store. It is important to make it both SEO and user-friendly. Keep the following things in mind when auditing your client’s site or when creating a new one:

  • Move towards using responsive web design. Forbes revealed that 20% of online shopping transactions happen on mobile, and this number is expected to increase to 50% in the next three years.
  • Research your keyword selection carefully and examine which keywords are effective for sales and ecommerce discovery. Use a combination of generic and long-tail keywords in your content.
  • Indicate the canonical version of the URLs for product pages, especially ones with session IDs. This will help you avoid being penalized because of duplicate content.
  • Arrange products systematically, removing all clutter and keeping the focus of each product page on just one product. A great Shopify SEO tip is to use collections to organize product pages into appropriate categories.
  • Integrate community-building tools, like adding the functionality to share reviews and rate the products. This will encourage your client’s target market to discuss the products and reinforce their credibility as a provider.
  • Create unique product descriptions and avoid using templates. This will help you avoid duplicate content, and it contributes to your clients’ fresh content.
  • Check if your client’s site has a blog, and suggest its integration if they don’t have one already. This is a good source of consistent updates, keeping your client’s site fresh while building their brand reputation and establishing themselves as industry leaders.
  • Simplify the sign up and purchasing processes, and keep it under three clicks as much as possible.

Off-Page Strategy

Promoting an ecommerce site poses a unique set of challenges. It is more difficult because there are many established ecommerce websites your clients will compete with for visibility and attention. In order to be seen, you have to guide your audience through the buying process carefully.

  • Use channel marketing when creating an ecommerce strategy. Offer your clients a way to reach their target market from different touch points.
  • My previous discussion on channel marketing should help you get started on creating an off-page ecommerce strategy.
  • Help your clients interact with the target audience using social media. Leverage sites like Pinterest, which you can use to display your client’s products or services easily. Engage your target audience to share photos, post reviews, and discuss their personal experience with your client’s brand.
  • Use methods like retargeting and PPC to direct traffic towards product pages you want to highlight. These methods are also ideal for spreading word about your client’s promotions and new offerings.
  • Build your client’s local presence by claiming local online business listings in places like Google+ Local, Yelp, and Yahoo! Local. This will help them be found by their relevant market.
  • Establish your client’s business goals, whether they are sign-ups, downloads or purchases, and track the performance of your ecommerce campaigns by examining if these goals have been met. Monitor KPIs using advanced SEO tools, and analyze which touch points and methodologies have more potential to bring in higher conversions.

With the right SEO provider, you can create an ecommerce SEO strategy that sells easily. Contact your account manager today for more tips and assistance with your ecommerce strategies, or log onto your dashboard to launch your ecommerce campaign today. Sign up for a free account if you’re not yet our partner to get started. Keep checking back for more tips from your #1 SEO provider!

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