“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
– Arnold Bennett

Change is vital everything we do. For SEO, we cannot afford to run away because of new updates. Today, the leading search engine came up with new updates regarding quality scores (QS) for a site’s landing page. SEO companies may see this as a bit of a challenge, though if they have been thinking of their users since day 1, they probably won’t have much of a problem.

Why Google created the Quality Score

According to Google’s director for product development, they only did this to improve user experience. He said that if the landing pages don’t line up well with the user’s search, the user will not have a good experience and as a result it’ll be bad for everyone.

When users don’t get what they expect from clicking on an ad they get frustrated. The advertiser would lose credibility and creates negative brand impression. But even Google looks bad too. When internet searchers don’t get what they want they usually switch to other search engines such as Yahoo! or Bing. If users have a negative impression on Google’s sponsored ads, they may never click on them again.

How Google Determines ‘Quality’

Google examines two key factors in landing page assessment: relevance and content. Google said that they apply the principles of landing page quality and relevance to every ad and every landing page.

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