Hugh Walpole once said “Happiness comes from… some curious adjustment to life.” In our industry, we make a lot of adjustments once Google update’s its algorithm. Companies who offer seo services, should be ready for these changes, because it will greatly affect how sites become visible online.

Matt Cutts, Google spam czar, sent out a tweet for everyone to know that there will be more Panda updates coming soon. Some people said that the updates are here to stay, and it is true—these updates will happen regularly. Be prepared for the coming updates, so that your sites will not lose ranking. SEO specialists should strategize on how to maintain site rankings when changes occur. It’s heart breaking  to see your site lose rankings, which is not unusual when updates in the algorithm happen. While information about Panda updates are on a roll, all we have to do is prepare for the forthcoming days.

In a Senate hearing, Eric Schmidt, Google chairman said: “there is a limit to the amount of transparency – it is proprietary and if it was more open it would be heavily gamed – we can do a better job describing our changes”, when asked if they could at least be more transparent with their methods.

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