Panda 2.5 Update Feedback

Last Wednesday, Google rolled out another Panda 2.5 update. Most companies are aware of the updates, and yes, SEO specialists began to realize that the updates have been made when their site’s traffic dropped dramatically. And of course, it was confirmed by Google and Google’s Matt Cutts.

SiteMetrics and SEO Visibility

To know the exact data, SEO specialists head over SiteMetrics and browsed through the SEO visibility chart to know who the winners and equally important, the losers of this Panda update. The analysis showed Google brands ranked higher in terms of SEO visibility.

But wait, what is SEO visibility? This is used to identify the impact of the Panda updates. According to SearchMetrics site, “SEO Visibility displays the visibility of the selected domain in the organic search.”

Winners and Losers

A “drop and improve” pattern was seen in the data provided by SearchMetrics. For the winners, there was a big change which you can see in the chart provided by metrics site. The chart depicts an increase in SEO visibility for sites that won from the week before and week after the updates were applied. For the sites who “lost”, you’ll see a downward slope indicating these sites aren’t doing well in fixing their SEO visibility issues.

Learning Point

A “drop and improve” pattern with the sites doesn’t mean that you’d have to panic. See, before making conclusions, you’ll need a lot of evidence first. Never make assumptions, because all aspects in this change might be in a case to case basis. Two data points isn’t a good basis for your SEO strategies, since this may mean nothing in the long run.

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