In today’s blog, I want to discuss how you can grow your revenue by adding our solutions to your current product line. As our partners, we invest our time and energy in helping your company grow. I’m going to share a few tips on how you can grow your revenue in reselling our products as your own.

Adding Value Services To Your Portfolio

Adding ValueBefore going to the ways you can grow your revenue, I want to discuss briefly the benefits of adding our solutions to your existing product line-up. Our SEO solutions allow you to reach a wide number of brick-and-mortar businesses seeking visibility online. With our full service SEO solutions, you can expand your offerings and add online marketing to your expertise as an agency. As marketers, you need to change your service line-up regularly. Having us as your partner allows you to make these changes and apply them quickly, because we regularly update our product offerings and handle the implementation ourselves.

Combining the Old with the New

The most obvious way you can grow your revenue is by simply adding our products to your current line. Offering new marketing outlets like digital marketing allows you to reach a wider audience, one that is not confined to traditional marketing. By adding solutions like search engine optimization, social and local marketing, PPC, ecommerce and other digital marketing services, you are expanding your clients’ reach to their target audience. These services are in high demand as more businesses move towards digital.

Executive ServiceHighlighting Exclusive Services

Our product line features exclusive services you won’t find in other providers. Use these as leverage to boost your marketing strategy and increase your sales. Let your clients know about your branded live reporting dashboard, focusing on the features that other providers don’t have. You can discuss the live ranking updates, which is an industry first, and the free and easily accessible pre-sales SEO proposals that we provide through your white label dashboard. Highlighting exclusive services makes you stand out from your competition by putting your competencies in the spotlight.

Marking Up Products

Aside from adding our products as is, you can also mark up our services to get more revenue. Our partners receive online marketing solutions at wholesale prices, allowing you to mark up at your discretion. You can read my previous blog for a full-blown discussion of how to price your SEO.


Combining two or more related services together for a special price attracts more customers. You can combine the products we provide with your existing solutions, or create new bundles with our product line. Bundling works because consumers are always looking for ways to get more for less. It will be easy for you to offer the bundles at discounted rates because the products you receive from us are wholesale.

Cross Selling / Upselling

cross-sellingMake sure to find cross selling and upselling opportunities every time you close a sale. When your client chooses one of your products, recommend the perfect digital marketing solution that goes with the solution they chose. For example, if they chose web design and development services, tell them they can maximize their visibility by pairing web design with one of your SEO packages.

Conclusion: Finding Opportunities

What you can see from the solutions I provided above can be summarized in one sentence – it’s all about finding opportunities wherever you can. Contact your account manager for more tips on how to maximize your revenue with our SEO solutions. If you’re not yet our partner, sign up for a free account today to get started. Keep checking back for more tips!

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