Facebook enjoyed a great 2015 thanks to new tools, features, and services such as the Instant Articles, the addition of a ‘Buy’ button, a new insights tool, and the introduction of M, its new intelligent personal assistant.

>It also did well in numbers and engagement. It was named the most used tech product in the world, as about 1.5 billion people use the platform at least once a month. Every month, there are more than 1.49 million active Facebook users across the globe, a 13% jump year over year.

>It only follows, then, that the social media platform is a prime avenue for your clients, especially when it comes to paid ads. Advertising on Facebook means your clients get the chance to tap that growing market sector, which means improved reach and engagement for them.

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>If you’re still not sold on why Facebook Ads is a viable service to offer your clients, here are a few more reasons to convince you:

1. It Makes Targeting Easier

>Facebook offers a number of targeting options that help you maximize your ad spend. Unlike AdWords, paid ads on Facebook can be targeted based on factors such as age, gender, location, and the user’s “likes”.

>The Mark Zuckerberg-led social network was the first to connect people through their interests, which is why ‘interest targeting’ is a feature within Facebook Advertising.

>By targeting users based on the pages and topics they ‘like’, you can target those who are not actively searching for your offers but have shown previous interest in related offers.

2. Minimum Expense, Great Reach

>The minimum spend for an ad set on Facebook is US $1. Even with this small budget, however, your clients can already reach thousands of users that meet your set targeting criteria. That’s already a bargain when compared to clicks per day in AdWords with the same budget.

>There are also several bid types available, which lets you choose the most appropriate bidding structure for your client’s campaign goals. This includes: Cost per Mille (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Optimized Cost per Mille (oCPM), and Cost per Action (CPA).

3. A Growing User Base

>During September 2015, there was an average of 1.01 billion daily active users on Facebook, 894 million of which were on mobile. There were 1.55 billion monthly active users for the same month, 1.39 billion of which were on mobile.

>Simply put, the social network is too big to ignore.

>We can all but guarantee that whatever type of organization or business your clients are, in whatever industry, a good chunk of their target audience is on Facebook.

>These numbers, coupled with the platform’s sophisticated targeting options, can ensure your client’s ads are seen by their target audience. There is also the fact that users can be subtly advertised to during their relaxed, leisure time—no pressure and time constraints.

4. Easy Tracking

>Facebook’s ad platform makes it easy for you and your clients to know what exactly you’re getting out of it. While social media proves to be a great platform for extending brand reach, it does not provide data about ROI for the resources you invest in maintaining an active profile.

>The Adverts Manager lets you track a full suite of performance metrics to accurately gauge performance and ROI. Among the information it provides includes:

  • the number of times your client’s ad was shown (impressions and reach) and the frequency
  • the clicks or other actions users took, (page likes, shares, comments, and engagement)
  • Cost data, including average Cost per Like, Cost per Click, and Cost per Conversion based on the set goals

5. It’s a Step Above the Competition

>Even with all the features of Facebook’s advertising platform, many businesses are still not using it, or at least not making the most of the powerful platform. This means your client’s competitors are likely not advertising on the platform, or are missing out on huge potential for engaging users.

>This also means your clients can gain an edge over their competition to win over customers others might have lost out on.

>Your clients can get new leads and customers by getting people’s attention, improving brand awareness, and engaging with the audience—things their competitors are likely not doing well.

>Moreover, adding Facebook advertising to your offered packages diversifies your ad mix. You add something new to your strategies and your clients can connect to customers in the place where they spend tons of time on.

While adding Facebook ads to your portfolio of offers takes time to getting used to, it does pay off.  Whether you want to drive conversion, boost site traffic, or just grow your client’s Facebook community, there is a campaign out there that’s guaranteed to boost their social reach and brand awareness.

Get in touch with us today and know more about how you can offer and execute this new feature to your clients the right way.

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