We do many site audits every day, and I noticed site owners making the same mistakes repeatedly. Today, I want to share the top 10 mistakes site owners make. I’ve listed these in no particular order, and you or your clients may make more than one mistake so pay close attention to these details. Use this blog as a checklist when you evaluate incoming websites.


1. No Value Proposition

People visit websites to find information, and when they don’t find it at once, they leave. Many site owners fail to present their message and provide answers at once. You should show visitors at once what makes you better than your competition. We provide well-written website copy that answers the customers’ questions at once and engages them to browse further and become customers.

2. Vague Content

Sometimes, people create slightly vague titles that catch people’s attention effectively, but fail to communicate what the business is all about. If you are going to use vague page titles, make sure you have a detailed and specific explanation of your company’s products or services. The quicker customers understand your business, the faster they can get started buying your products or services.

3. No Call to Action

Visitors want quick answers, and what’s quicker than a call to action? Still, many sites do not have clear calls to action in their pages. Do not confuse readers with too much information and no direction. Make sure one important detail – preferably one that leads to the next step in purchasing – stands out from the rest. Our marketing and web design teams work together to determine the best call to action to use, and the best placement on your website.

4. Lack of Social Proof

You can tell site visitors you’re the best in your industry in many different ways, but without unbiased, third-party support, your claims will remain empty. Full names and written testimonials aren’t enough anymore. Get images up on your website, and get creative. Our team will gather testimonials from your satisfied customers, and place them on your website with optimized images of each.

5. Duplicate Content

We all know that duplicate content causes sites to dip in SERPs rankings, yet some websites still have duplicate content on their pages. Most of it is not intentional, mainly a result of poor linking habits. This is most common on ecommerce websites, where you display the same items using several URLs. We design and organize your pages to avoid duplicate content, and if we do find duplicate content, we take necessary steps like setting 301 redirects, specifying the canonical link, or setting your preferred URL with Google in order to avoid this problem.

Duplicate Content/Title

6. Duplicate Page Titles

Don’t use the same title for every single page of their website (or even two). Usually, the title they use is just the company name and variations of their tag line. Our methodology makes sure your websites have unique, descriptive, and catchy titles that help crawlers and site visitors know what’s on each page from step 1 of the campaign.

7. No Alt Attribute Tags

Basic SEO tasks like adding alt attribute tags helps Google’s algorithm read elements of your website that are not text, like images, videos, and logos. Still, some webmasters forget the importance of optimizing these elements.

8. Messy Internal Site Linking Structure

Every site needs an organized linking structure. Not only does this make browsing difficult for your visitors, it also makes it difficult for search engine bots to crawl every page of your site. We use a site linking structure proven to get your website pages indexed and ranking. We also prepare and submit your site map to make it easier for Google to crawl all of your pages.

9. Lack of Meta Descriptions

Adding metadata to each existing page is important because it lets you control the appearance of your listings on the SERPs.

10. Not Enough Testing

A B testing

Experiment with the elements of your client’s site and try out the elements discussed on this list, from changing your call to action to updating your meta data. Our team will update your website to current standards and optimize it to ensure you get the highest rankings possible.

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