Today I want to talk to you about Google’s algorithmic update, informally dubbed the ‘Emanuel’ update.  We want to keep you in the loop on the latest changes that Google is making to improve user search experience. This new update aims to filter sites with infringed content, leaving the authentic sources appearing on the SERPs.


The Fight Against Piracy

Google is refining their algorithms to detect sites that repeatedly receive Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) “takedown” requests. Copyright owners may have individual pages removed by filing a DMCA complaint and waiting for Google’s evaluation. Before the update, Google only removed the web page containing the pirated content. Now, this new algorithm will count the number of DMCA takedown requests against a site. The entire site may appear lower on SERPs if Google detects a high number of valid DMCA complaints.


The Counter-Notice Tool

This new algorithm update does not automatically mean Google will remove pages once they detect multiple copyright infringement claims against a site. They will still wait for a valid copyright removal notice from the court before taking down a page. Google reassures users that they will continue providing counter-notice tools. These tools allow site owners to petition the removal of their web page, letting them provide proof that they are the copyright owners of their content. Through this process, wrongly removed web pages will be reinstated.

What this Means for Search

The ‘Emanuel’ update is just an addition to Google’s growing number of algorithmic updates that filter through sites, leaving quality ones on top of the SERPs. Google isn’t stating how many complaints will get sites ranking lower in the SERPs, but they have made one thing very clear. They won’t be taking copyright infringement lightly. We keep our content 100% original, making sure you and your clients don’t get penalized for copying copyrighted materials off another site.

Keep checking back here for the latest industry updates. Sign up for a free account or contact your account manager today if you have questions about this new update. We’d be very happy to help.

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