How Panda Affects SEO

As an SEO reseller company, we make sure that we live with Google’s guidelines to provide better solutions to our clients. When Panda is around, we make sure that we’re ready for it.

Understanding Panda

Panda is a series of Google’s search algorithm updates designed to categorize high quality sites from the ones with low quality. This will enable Google to provide a user the most relevant and useful content to their query.

Panda Criterias

Thin Content

A thin affiliate is a term used to affiliate sites which are unable to produce valuable online content.

High Bounce Rates

When a user visits a site then clicks back to return the search results, it signals Google that the site isn’t relevant to the user’s query. It is very important that you produce pages that keep your viewers engaged. A good way to see which pages have the highest bounce rate, then work on making them more valuable.

Site Blocked by Users

If your site has been blocked for a number of times by your users, this will definitely have a negative impact on your rankings. However, with the leading search engine’s newest feature, the +1, your users can also hit that button and it will indicate that the user shows interest in your site. The trick? Create a well-written content.

Ad Space

If your site has a lot of ads rather than content, it has a high possibility that Panda will get you. If your site NEEDS to have ads, make sure that you post only within a reasonable amount.

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