In today’s blog, I want to talk about how you can increase organic click-through rates on the SERPs. Your goal as an SEO company is to provide relevant traffic to your clients’ sites, giving them leads that will eventually convert to customers. Click-through rates tell you that the traffic you are receiving is interested in your clients’ services.

Click Through Rate

Users Want a Richer Search Experience

Getting the highest rankings on the SERPs does not automatically mean you will get the most relevant traffic, but it is where you should start. Your clients’ listings will get more clicks if you can make them stand out immediately. Give them better search experience by creating clear titles, writing short and persuasive descriptions, and using rich snippets.

Title Optimization
We keep your target market in mind when optimizing titles for your clients’ websites. Adding your clients’ target location, the nearest holiday, and your clients’ targeted keywords gives users more relevant information and encourages them to click.

Short and Persuasive Descriptions
Users click on listings that give them sufficient information at once. We pack your clients’ site descriptions with information to attract more visitors, while optimizing them to keep your clients’ listings on top of their respective SERPs.

Rich Snippets
Search engines like Google are now integrating rich media, reviews, and social media profiles into their results. Authorship, reviews, images and videos all make the listing more appealing to users. They also increase trust in your clients’ target market. We add rich snippets to your clients’ listings to show these features whenever available and applicable.

Content is still King

Increasing your organic CTR through the SERPs is only the first step. The key to getting more organic click-through rates is having informative and compelling content. Your clients’ websites have to nurture visitors until they are ready to make a purchase. Having great content may also boost your clients’ rankings on the SERPs, which gives them the visibility they need to reach wider markets.

Content is still King We have an amazing lineup of solutions for you to increase your clients’ organic CTR. Log into your dashboard and check out our packages or contact your account manager for more information. Sign up for a free account if you aren’t our partner yet. Keep checking back for more SEO tips and news!

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